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CHECK OUT PART 2! A better video and explanation for beginners,

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Singing should use the same vocal mechanism as speaking. My technique is all about a fundamental and simple approach to using the voice. Good technique is what allows you to sing through your entire range with an even and balanced sound, no breaks, glitches, strain or unnecessary effort. On top of a healthy foundation any style can be commanded and understood.


12 thoughts on “Singing Lessons – Understanding Compression – The Voice Blog”

  1. Great video! Can you do a video regarding the larynx positioning during
    vocal exercises? Is it necessary in the long run and all that? Would be a
    great video to clear things up as I’ve seen many ssers asking about it in
    the forums but never getting a truly definite answer. Take care and keep

  2. Thanks….. great video…. But is there any compression when we sing
    softly….. in nice Guy voice? Like Chris brown or Colby o donis for
    example ….

  3. All sound has some amount of compression, no compression at all would
    simply be breathing out, as soon as there is sound the vocal cords are
    closing to some degree, so yes there is always compression/cord closure
    when sound is being produced the question is how much and is the singer
    aware and in control of it?

  4. SurrealOfficial

    Wow… so helpful, man. I’ve been trying to get a handle on my compression
    for a while and this tip just clears up a lot of what I was confused about.

  5. Yeah dude this is a crazy informative video! Thank you very very much
    you’ve helped an aspiring singer a great deal 

  6. i agree carl laid back explanation think this is what singers relate too,
    the three people who put thumbs down to this are morons, or are they your
    neighbors getting back at you ade

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