Singing Lessons : Singing Lessons: Vibrato

Vibrato in singing lessons refers to a vibrating pattern in the voice that emphasizes certain notes. Practice vibrato with tips from a professional singer in this free video on vocal technique.

Expert: Jeanette Herrera
Bio: Jeanette Herrera has been doing hair for more than 20 years, and she loves to use her hands.
Filmmaker: joseph wilkins


40 thoughts on “Singing Lessons : Singing Lessons: Vibrato”

  1. Press 7 repeatedly for an interesting experience.

    BTW I have NO idea how I got here. I have a singing voice like a dog with it’s testicles on fire.

  2. LynseyOlivantDavies

    What!!!!!!!!! You don’t know what you’re talking about!!!! Vibrato has got nothing to do with you diaphram or stomach!!!!! It’s all to do with your throat, breathing and being relaxed which is why high notes ‘belted’ tend not to have a vibrato!!!!!!!

  3. LynseyOlivantDavies

    @1OOWon I disagree with what she’s saying but you don’t need to be nasty about her personal appearance!!!

  4. No offense to you, you look like a nice person. But just as a general observation I think Expert Village is a place where nobody knows anything at all. It’s not a place that has experts….. They are looking for experts. They should call it “Witless Village”
    I can see the sign on the side of the road as you drive into town “Welcome To Witless Village….. population 1.2 million….. Experts Wanted – all subject areas”

  5. @BUSKAAAA, you absolutely DO need vibrato. It softens the sound, it indicates that you’re singing correctly, and it doesn’t damage your vocal chords.

  6. @Bethalaine if u know how to do it then put a video cuz i can’t find anything here that teaches me how to make vibrato all the videos are short explanations and no demonstration, i have no vibrato and would luv to have it

  7. Lies. All lies. Take this video down, it is spreading misinformation.

    Vibratto comes naturally when you are fully free and not trying to force anything. If you make a false vibratto, you will have to unlearn it and release all tension before your real vibratto comes out.

  8. can someone pleasse telll me where i can find a REAL video of someone who knows what theyre talking about? i wanna learn how to have vibrato!!

  9. Boobs aside, this is false vibrato and it’s okay to use it in the beginning to help jump start your vibrato and familiarize your vocal chords with the way it feels. Other than that, it should never be used!

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