Singing Lessons | Singing Lessons for Beginners, Learn How to Sing

Ken Tamplin Coaches How To Sing and helps the beginers to Learn The Art Of Amazing Singing with his unique singing

42 thoughts on “Singing Lessons | Singing Lessons for Beginners, Learn How to Sing”

  1. Hoping someone might know this, but I’m totally interested in what sort of
    mix is going on between the F5 and G#5 in this video. The vocal cords sound
    ridiculously thin, with lots of head-voice mix but still have a really
    strong compression and chesty resonance. Who knows where I can find out
    about this type of technique? Totally amazing.

  2. Shit me where have you been all my life? not only do you tell me i can sing
    like that, but you sing how i want to and you have the added bonus of
    proper hair!

  3. I came across an add for this academy here on Youtube and it mentioned that
    Marc Hudson of Dragonforce is a student. Just wanted to say thanks for
    helping him. He is one of my favorite singers. And the “ping” you mention
    as the building block of all of singing really came across in his voice and
    it has helped me in all timbres and styles of my singing. So again,

  4. Hey Ken, I am in great admiration of you sir for all of the informative and
    helpful videos that you have posted but now I am ready to come forward and
    ask if you would be willing to help me improve my vocalization quality and
    range, I am looking to begin a heavy metal genre band momentarily and my
    range typically ends around a a G#5 or an A5. How much are you charging for
    one on one lessons over Skype or some other type of broadcasting service?
    Message me back whenever you are able to, please and thank you. I’m based
    in Illinois.

  5. Hi ken.Just ordered your course…Hey man,you might wanna post up a quik
    video to let everyone know about the Black Friday Special…$229 for
    download and $259 for hard copy is a GREAT deal..I just ordered up the hard
    copy..Look forward to doing a webcam session with you in the future.Happy

  6. hey my name is ken tamplin heeeeeeeeeeey yeah yeah yeah yeah
    ooooooooooooooooooooooooh bay beh, would you like to have that vocal power,
    range , clarity and pitch? well you can! come join me at

  7. Hi Ken,
    are you planning perhaps to shoot out with some ‘ Win appraisal Skype
    session’ program ? 🙂
    just asking, cause would be nice to be checked, but can not afford the
    skype price at the moment.
    All right, al right, I will keep on saving :)

  8. Hey Ken i really wanna become a great singer.. But I never had vocal
    lessons before in my life.. So would you suggest this course for me ?? Plz
    reply.. Thanks in Advance

  9. JesusChristis LORD

    Hey Ken, I am still saving some money for your course. I know I could have
    one of the greatest voices ever. My dream would be to be a gospel singer. I
    am 19 years old. Is it too late to start and when would my voice hit it’s
    peak with your training because I would be willing to put in any amount of
    work to achieve the 100 percent potential of voice. I wanted to be able to
    have tremendous power behind my voice, I want to be less breathy and have
    incredible vocal stamina. As well as increasing my vocal range by a darn
    lot. I also wanted to increase my clarity and pitch of voice. There are a
    lot of scams out there and I wanted to know. What would your course deliver
    that is so different to the others?

  10. AtariMaxiToriyama

    Your mid-range notes at 14 seconds were — coming from someone who has been
    singing for a while — way, way more interesting and impressive than the
    high notes.
    Not that the high notes were not scorching, but those mid-range notes are
    bloody difficult.

  11. Daisy Whitehead

    They can help you prepare for an important audition or performance and can offer one off lessons or a series of lessons depending on what you are aiming for.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...