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Today I am going to show you how to sing mixed voice. Mixed voice is the part of your vocal range which sits above your natural speaking voice. It acts as a link between your chest and head voice.

In today’s singing tip I want to focus on the lower part of your mixed voice. This is where a lot of singers go wrong. They neglect the lower mix and focus on trying to sing higher notes without setting up the vocal coordination lower in their range.


16 thoughts on “Singing Lessons Online – How To Sing Mixed Voice”

  1. My problem is I want to achieve a full voice and be able to belt from my chest voice to the top of my head voice without losing intensity, but I can only go up to a B4 in my chest and then my voice switches to head voice and it comes out groggy and airy

  2. Can you do some thing about your audio,been watching three of your tutorial videos including this one,can hardly hear you!

  3. hi mate, thanks for the vid…. any chance of getting an example in there? like the difference in tone production on some of those mixed voice notes

  4. yes! all explain the same thing…I think about, Brett Manning, Seth riggs, roger love, per bristow….this is the unic way to manage to sing with good habits…
    the thing i like most in you videos, it’s because it’s direct . we go at the essencial!
    it is good for those who used to already practice…that remains the mainly points
    the best would be a video that gather all exercices ….for training the low part of our mixed voice, fry sound, root of the tongue relaxed etc,

  5. Can you explain the anatomical difference between mixed voice and head voice? my understanding is that the chest uses the whole vocal cord and then you go into head voice (not falsetto) where they zip up slighly. so where does mixed voice come into this? i heard, mix is just a low head voice with bottom end resonance

  6. super clip… I never thought about this but I think i mix allready.
    I am naturally a deep baritone but can sing fairly high notes and have not problem sounding a bit girly at times when I sing high as it releases tension and prevents me from pulling chest resonance up into my upper register. Another band mate who is also a deep bariton struggles a lot with any high notes and that is because he keeps his voice in chest “mode” all the time..

  7. I wish my mother allowed me to attend singing lessons when I was young. I thought I have the talent and I want to be a singer at that time. But my parents always doubted me. And then I’m going to college and start smoking for 10 years (I quit smoking since Dec 2011 though). Now I cannot sing the higher note like I used to be… Sniff…

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