Singing Lessons – Lesson 9 (Vocal Tone Control / Consistency)

Welcome to Lesson 9 – Vocal Tone Control 😀

During this lesson, we’re going to be bringing together some of the techniques we’ve covered in previous lessons such as breath flow and control, relaxation of the body including the neck, throat, jaw and tongue and we’re also going to learn how to sing vowels and consonants in a certain way so that the legato (or smooth and connected) line you create, is not interfered with.

Inconsistent tone quality can also be the result of not keeping your vocal cords closed after the beginning or commencement of vocal sound.

This lesson will provide solutions 🙂

This Lesson is from The Singing Solutions Program, written and produced by Rae Henry.

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Now. Go Own that Tone 😉

Lesson 9 Content:

9.0 – Introduction
9.1 – Intro To Exercise #1 – Sustained Vowels
9.2 – Exercise #1 – Sustained Vowels
9.3 – Exercise #2 – Flowing Vowels
9.4 – Intro To Exercise #3 – M Vowels
9.5 – Exercise #3 – M Vowels
9.6 – Exercise #4 – Momentum
9.7 – Conclusion

Download the accompanying exercises for HIGH VOICE here:

Download the accompanying exercises for LOW VOICE here:

Download the sheet music to Lesson 9 here: Link Coming Soon 🙂


11 thoughts on “Singing Lessons – Lesson 9 (Vocal Tone Control / Consistency)”

  1. The best Lesson EVER!!!! Congrats for the amazing DVD posted for free. Feel
    blessed for you fantastic contribution for the world. Thanks a lot

  2. this and lesson 6 are most important for me, as I have struggled so much
    with a strained or nasal tone in recent years. I have to say your “forward
    focus” technique solved the puzzle for me a couple of months ago, and now
    its only a matter of consistently applying that with everything else you’ve
    taught us. God bless you for these videos. I will watch lesson 9 in
    particular over and over, cause there a few exercises here I think are key
    to master for my success.

  3. Mehmet Ali Samlı

    Hey everyone, the best success that I have had was with the Bens Singer
    Blog (i found it on google) without a doubt the best system that I have
    ever followed.

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