Singing Lessons – Lesson 14a (‘Hallelujah ‘ Tutorial – High Voice)

Welcome to Lesson 14a – ‘Hallelujah’ Tutorial.

During this lesson we’re going to be implementing all the techniques we’ve learned throughout the entire program into 3 songs.

The following song ‘Hallelujah’ (~Lisa Lois arrangement~) has been broken down into small sections and each section has been recorded as a short video tutorial on how to sing each of those sections.

More info coming soon…

13 thoughts on “Singing Lessons – Lesson 14a (‘Hallelujah ‘ Tutorial – High Voice)”

  1. Rosannasfriend

    OMG! I can’t wait for this one! How to apply your lessons to song!

    Also, my teacher and I have been practising this song in my lessons, so
    this will surely give me a boost!

  2. Laura Handziuk

    Rae I love your version of this song and that is very good how you taught
    us this one. Quadracer687 (Laura) 

  3. Sorry but I just noticed I asked a question on your old video. But I used
    to sing high notes about 1 or 2 months ago but now when I try the note my
    voice will go away like im sick, only the lower notes don’t bother me and
    I’m worried. Do you know what that is? And if you do, any advice on how to
    get those notes back. 

  4. You are the best teacher i have ever encountered, you are never mean with
    information. God bless you! am learning alot!!!!

  5. If you’re done with all your lessons, will you teach some specific songs
    now. please I want to learn more and your the best!

  6. Rosannasfriend

    took almost a full year, but I finally was able to listen to and
    participate in this entire lesson. Time well spent, thanks Rae!

  7. For example, when you have a thin and sharp tone then it is best to decide songs that are sung by singers having similar tone.

  8. And almost 60 years in to a career that includes three Bond theme tunes, more than 12 UK top-10 singles and the record for the longest span of top 40 UK hits by a woman (now standing at 58 years) Dame Shirley is still on song.

  9. I often think of the voice as an imaginary instrument because it is the coordination of the thoughts and feelings that we have about singing that dictate how the body will respond to create sound.

  10. Little Voices has opened a door for Jess, she has an audition for a new talent show, this has given her a rare opportunity to showcase the skills she has developed during her classes.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...