SINGING LESSONS In Japanese with Yuji Suzuki

Vocal Coach Ken Tamplin gives Japanese guitarist Yuji Suzuki a singing lessons
demonstrating the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy method. Yuji has only been singing for about 6 months.

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15 thoughts on “SINGING LESSONS In Japanese with Yuji Suzuki”

  1. You know Japanese?!! DD: How long did it take to learn? How did you learn
    it? Boy I’m so off topic >w< If I were to send you a sample of my singing you want it to be me singing a song or what? 😮

  2. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

    STOP AND CONSIDER THIS: Most all singing programs out there show NO
    SINGING. NONE. Only “talk” with “testimonials” making crazy claims about
    their product. Yet NO ONE IS PROVING IT WITH ANY ACTUAL SINGING (and I mean
    songs, not a scale or a note – but truly singing great). The coaches aren’t
    singing, the students aren’t singing. Don’t you think that is strange?
    Something worth thinking about on you singing quest. Ken Tamplin Vocal
    Academy – Where The PROOF Is In The Singing!

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  4. Hello sir I have seen ur most videos and lke this one as wel. Do we need to
    open our mouth too much to sing high as I think it tense our neck muscle. I
    think we should lower our jaw and push it back to create more space. Please
    correct me if I am wrong. As I have felt that only lowering the jaw doesnt
    help much we need to push it back to create much space for air and then we
    hear the voice in the mask. I go completely suprised the way u hit
    incredibly high notes with such power

  5. Hello sir,
    Can you please upload a video teaching how to open back of the throat. As I
    have no idea how to do that. I saw one of your video where you singing a
    song killer machine with your student. You scream so high with powerfull
    chest voice but when we try to sing this way sound becomes very nasel
    although I hit the note. Its like miracle. How come somebody pull chest
    voice so much that too without any strain. Hats off to u sir

  6. This video with Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy student Yuji Suzuki demonstrates
    some high note singing. Yuji used to be a guitarist only, but now he is a
    lead-singing guitarist. Ever think about upgrading your musical resume’?
    You could become a lead singer, too! There is a Japanese language version
    of Ken’s singing lessons available, as well as many other language
    versions. You can learn more about Ken’s singing lessons at
    and you can check out his singers forums

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

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