6 thoughts on “Singing Lessons Jaw 2”

  1. Franchell Henry

    HI Audrey, I love your tips, especially this one, but i find that when i’m doing it my tongue pulls back on some of the vowels. Should the tongue be moving, resting under the pencil, or just going where it wants to go?

  2. Vox Box Mechanix

    @thehoneyinmytea Hi I am glad the tips are helping. If you go to the tongue videos I think your question will be ansewered….back up tip down on pure vowels.
    I hope you will subscribe, and if you need more help let me know.

  3. I agree with this totally. I’ve been counting in falsetto with a single finger in my mouth (don’t bite down, don’t lift teeth off) for over 5 years and it has made a huge difference in my voice. I’m going to use this pencil idea as well…..

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