Singing Lessons – Interactive Videos! (2 of 4)

Singing Lessons! Improve your voice by practicing along with these videos once a day!

Solfege: do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti
In this exercise you sing: do re mi, mi fa sol, sol fa mi, mi re do, do.

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Part three:

Voice lesson 2/4

42 thoughts on “Singing Lessons – Interactive Videos! (2 of 4)”

  1. whenever I do things like this or sing a lot my throat hurts afterwards.
    I’m probably straining my voice or something, but do you have any
    suggestions how to avoid this…?

  2. Don’t sing from your throat and do not sing notes that make you
    uncomfortable. Aim to try and get the sound from closer to your stomach.
    That will protect your throat. If you damage it, you won’t be able to sing.
    I did take a vocal class. I am just not very good. XD

  3. that was actually really helpful advice. i was doing it from my throat the
    whole time and i could barely get a single high note and when i started
    doing it from my stomach i was getting much better

  4. Scarlette Velveteen

    So I’ve noticed when I’m going higher, my range kind of jumps from a mid
    range to a really high range, but when I’m going down, it’s all there. Any

  5. Andrea Alborghetti

    I just want to correct you a little thing… i’m italian.. it’s do re mi fa
    sol la SI do.. you have to pronounce the same way you pronouce C. anyway
    thanks for your lessons!

  6. Thank you, thank you Saher!! As a singer all my life until the past many,
    many years, I thought I could pick up my voice where I left off…your
    lessons are invaluable to this woman who once one Best Vocalist out of 300
    singers at a show in Miami, and recently thought I had completely forgotten
    to sing!! Your scales, breathing, Solfege, all bringing back what I thought
    was lost forever!! I wish I could Kiss You !! You have no idea of the
    feeling that a gifted natural ability to sing tight on key beginning at age
    2 with no formal training until 14, was lost forever…well, I am
    practicing everyday, and, just maybe I will be able to perform some
    original songs I’ve laid tracks to on Music maker with my lyrics on You
    Tube sooner than I thought! I do not know how to thank you other than
    purchasing your CD….. MUWAH!! 🙂 :)

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...