Singing Lessons / How To Sing Like Bruce Dickinson / RUN TO THE HILLS / IRON MAIDEN (part 2)

Singing Lessons /
Vocal Coach Ken Tamplin Coaches How To Sing Like Bruce Dickinson – Run To The Hills – Iron Maiden – Part 2.

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42 thoughts on “Singing Lessons / How To Sing Like Bruce Dickinson / RUN TO THE HILLS / IRON MAIDEN (part 2)”

  1. Bernardo Palmeiro Pereira

    Hi Ken,is just my guess or bruce change some letters sound to make it more
    safe,to not get out of tune.Like in tears of the dragon TRW MYSELF
    MYSELF UNDERSTANDABLE?IM brazillian so dont know howto express te sounds i
    mean by writing.thanks

  2. Hi man ive got a question Im wanting to becom a famous country singer i was
    wondering if you could Hello me with pitch across phrasing people tell me
    Im Good please check out my you tube vídeos my channel is justin Propst
    thank you…

  3. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

    Come join my Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Singers Forums.
    I have over 4,000 like minded KTVA students and 8 KTVA trained moderators
    who help answer your singing questions.
    You can join here: 

  4. Bob Hohenberger

    Wow! This singing lesson on how to sing like Bruce Dickinson on Run to the
    Hills is awesome! This Iron Maiden tune rocks! You teach how to safely
    sing with vocal distortion and grit in your KTVA vocal lessons, and this is
    a fine example of that sound. I really like the head voice scream at the
    end! Rock on, Dude!

  5. Sebastian Celesner

    Amazing performance in both videos about B. Dickinson but I still don’t
    understand the technical concepts you want to explain. I’ve studied singing
    for years, it’s not that I’m new at this. However, at least in these two
    videos, the concept of how to build a strong mix voice to hit those very
    high notes with power and without straining is not clear to me and I’m
    really interested in getting the concept cause I’m stuck at high C with
    very good quality at the moment but finding it hard to move upwards. Is the
    concept explained in depth in any other video? Thanks a lot.

  6. Hey Ken, I’m not interested in learning how to sing, I am however,
    interested in listening to your voice! I can’t get enough of it! Everything
    you sing is absolutely brilliant, is there anywhere I can go to listen to
    some more of your voice? Perhaps you have a second channel with covers done
    by yourself? If you don’t, you need to make one! The World deserves to hear

  7. I find “Oh” sounds the hardest to increase the pitch on. In this song, in
    particular, the “for” part of “for your lives” throws me into an ugly

    Any good exercises available to help with this?

  8. This is a rockin’ demonstration of how to sing like Bruce Dickinson/Run to
    the Hills/Iron Maiden… Ken gives some great vocal tips in this one after
    the demo. Learn more about Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy at
    and get rockin’ on your new voice! Find
    out what singers from all over the world are saying about KTVA by going to
    and learn more about singing

  9. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

    Regarding My How To Sing Like… Series:

    People say “I want to sound like me and not anyone else.”
    And I say – Absolutely! No one should “clone” anyone.
    But we all have influences, and it is the sum of those influences, and how
    we “re-present” them with our own style that makes us great.

    Learning a difficult cover song where the bar is set high, is an excellent
    grading scale to see how well our technique is working.
    This is also true for learning different styles as this increases our
    vocabulary for diverse singing and helps us find our own unique voice.

    In my “How To Sing Like” videos, I still sound like Ken Tamplin, but seek
    to show you how to sing in their “style” safely.

    Check Out One Of My Original Songs Featuring Some Of My Singing Influences
    (singing both soft and heavy) Here: How To Sing Like David Coverdale –
    Glenn Hughes – Lou Gramm – Paul Rodgers

    When Choosing A Vocal Coach Or Singing Program, Make Sure The Coach Can
    Prove Their Technique With Their Own Voice & Their Students Voices Whether
    It’s Cover Songs Or Originals.

    The Proof Is In The Singing.

  10. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

    Is There Really Such Thing As “Stress Free Singing”?

    I see many vocal coaches (and their students) promoting the idea that
    “there should be no stress while singing” and therefore frustrating the
    heck out of singers who think there is “something wrong with themselves”
    because they can’t, over night, achieve this “stress free” singing.
    (this also gives a vocal coach “tribal knowledge” to keep you coming back
    to them as if they are the only one who has the answer to this elusive

    This is nonsense and here’s why:

    Singing is like a sport. And with any sport, it’s not the absence of
    stress, it’s the management of stress that makes a great athlete.

    Think of it like this:

    When Lionel Messi is going to goal, do you think his body is “stressed?”
    (Anyone who says it isn’t has never played a sport before).

    But Lionel has learned the art of training his body and mind for that
    moment when it’s time for him to step on the gas, take on 3 players and
    score what “looks” like an “effortless goal.”

    But you can be assured, it was not done “without effort” or without

    Lionel achieved this through training his technical abilities as well as
    building stamina and muscle memory to achieve this consistency.

    Now it is true that some styles of singing require less stamina than others
    and therefore can be accomplished with less strength training.

    In other words, singing a light pop song requires very little “strength” in
    the sound whereas singing a heavy rock song often requires incredible
    strength and stamina.

    This is also true for those (like myself) that want to push their “limits”
    and abilities to be all they can be. This of course requires more “effort”
    and technical training.

    With that said, there are many stages to building this “stamina” and it’s
    ok to “find yourself” as one first starts with “damaging street singing”
    (with total stress) and going through the different stages of learning how
    to manage this stress away from the voice through correct training.

    If I didn’t show the different stages of this process, and only showed
    “perfection”, people would never learn that these people are all human,
    having to work on their craft just like yourself.

  11. my friend I’m starting my now, I bought a Focusrite Scarlett soil interface
    and a mic. mxl v67g, u know this mic. I’m doing a good aquiziçao? and what
    is the mic. which do you use?

  12. Solomon Richardson

    Hi Ken, I think Bruce usually sings one note lower during live versions
    than the studio versions. does he do this to avoid the stress and strain.
    sometimes he just growls instead of hitting the high notes or lets the
    crowd sing that part.
    I feel your version matches Bruce but what separates is that when Bruce
    sings the mixing part, we can never find the subtle changes – it is fluid

  13. Ive watched many of your videos already and honestly it inspires me to
    sing! I am planning to buy lesson on your site in the near future. And one
    more thing…can you teach us “how to sing like Eric Adams?” Cheers and
    more Power! :)

  14. You are so talented. Why the fuck are talentless pieces of shit like myley
    cyrus and Eminem allowed to make millions of dollars yet actual talented
    people like you make nothing.
    Pisses me off

  15. Hi I’m so sorry … I think I was rude to you a few weeks ago ….can I say
    you are the most versatile singer I have ever watched and listened too xx
    blessings xx

  16. You’re damn good, but you’re not Bruce.

    I’m an junior audio engineer and I strongly believe that as an audio
    engineer you must understand how every instrument works on a technical
    level. And I must admit I overlooked vocals until I came across your
    channel, sure I knew how mics work and how to set them up properly but I
    never actually thought of vocals as an instrument, which is ridiculous in

    I’m learning a lot and advised the channel to some of the singers I know.
    Keep up the amazing work!

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