Singing Lessons : How to Become an Opera Singer

In order to become an opera singer, an individual will need to undergo years of professional training and practice. Find out how to absorb opera music by listening and learning different languages with help from a vocal coach in this free video on opera singers.

Expert: David Kingery
Bio: David Kingery has been a singer, actor, director, music producer and vocal coach for the past 18 years, and is currently living in Miami Beach.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller

43 thoughts on “Singing Lessons : How to Become an Opera Singer”

  1. @KirstenBeach That’s excactly what I CAN do. I sang the aria for an
    assembly at school, and guess what happened for about three weeks
    afterwards? People kept coming up to me and telling me how awesome I was. I
    am not bragging or anything, just telling you what they said. Not as often
    as they used to, but people still come up to me and say that I was amazing.
    Even my teachers do!

  2. @KirstenBeach Awesome encouragement…stumbling on this was worth it just
    to read your statement! Thanks needed that! Since seriously studying the
    voice after I lost it a few years ago,…I feel like a small fish but a
    growing fish that keeps getting bigger and faster than the ones who I was
    shy to swim with 3 years ago,..”so to speak”. I’m just curious about opera
    because in my practice of Tom Jones songs….some think it sounds operatic
    on the big notes..whatever that means lol!

  3. @KirstenBeach I’m never going to get lessons. My mom doesn’t want me to
    either, she said I’m “a unique singer” and that if I get lessons, they’ll
    take that away and make me sound like all the other sopranos. I don’t want
    that to happen, I want to STAY unique. It’s what makes me, me. My mom
    should know, she’s a singer herself.

  4. Kerazyabbiejadeshow

    I practice opera by singing a lot of Sarah Brightman, for example Pie Jesu,
    Ave Maria, and my favorite, Chromaggia. Other languages are used quite a
    bit in opera so always be aware of what lyrics you’re singing, their
    culture, and their meaning. It helps u put emphasis into the song.

  5. Kayla Collingwood

    @Kerazyabbiejadeshow Those aren’t really counted as opera. Many singers who
    have not been classically trained can sing them because they are very
    light. The advice about the languages is true.

  6. Kayla Collingwood

    I just want to say, I am 18 years old and my vocal teacher has been great.
    I have learnt so much and she has never pushed my voice, just worked with
    it as it has matured. Now I’m studying at tertiary level and I feel like I
    am in good hands. You are probably making so many mistakes without
    realising it without going to a professional, and you will never make it as
    a true opera singer without training, you’ll only get as far as classical

  7. Kayla Collingwood

    Also, to those who say their parents or friends say they are good singers,
    that doesn’t necessarily mean a thing. If you have ever watched any of the
    hundreds of talent shows you’ll know that many parents are encouraging but
    don’t actually have a clue. You should sing because you love it and you
    want to bring music to the world and you can’t imagine doing anything else
    with your life. And take advice from people, especially professionals and
    those who are experienced. Never stop learning.

  8. @Kerazyabbiejadeshow Sarah Brightman is not the best person to idolize for
    opera, she has alot of things going on with her voice and its alot more
    musical theatre than classical or opera. Try Renée Fleming, Leotyne Price,
    Tracy Dahl, Kiri Te Kanawa, Anna Netrebko…

  9. Veronica Stetler

    @Nuthead888 as Yode said, Sarah Brightman isn’t the best to look up to for
    opera. Look up Tarja live on youtube. She’s somewhat of a mix of
    opera-classical, but her high notes are AMAZING 😀

  10. um…actually sarah brightman is one of the WORST “opera singers” to look
    at and listen to. do NOT take notes on her because she isnt a true singer,
    her technique is almost horrible. im saying that because a lot of people
    look up to her and im cautioning you to look at someone like laura claycomb
    or renee fleming or kathleen battle. hardly any opera companies look at
    miss brightman and i really hope you dont take this the wrong way.

  11. @YianniKatsifas Much of what you write makes sense, but you shouldn’t PUSH
    out the epigastrium. The whole ribcage expands during a breath if you have
    good posture (heard of the noble position?) aswell as the epigastrium. So
    support doesn’t need to be about pushing or holding, just a reasonable
    amount of resistance. BTW, the voice definitely resonates in the mouth!
    Just one thing; the voice DOES resonate in the mouth. How could it not,
    when it’s coupled to the pharynx?

  12. Thanks for the video but I’m 14 years old and I have an opera voice and I’m
    not just saying that because I think I do, I KNOW I do. But the thing is I
    live in St.Lucia and there isn’t a market here for me to expand. Opera is
    not something people don’t talk about around here and I can’t as yet find
    me a trainer so I’m really sad about that. My best friend told me that if I
    was overseas I’ll get the training right away and be great an famous at it
    for a 14 year old, but sadly i can’t find anyone:(

  13. I have lung problems, and I am curious about opera. I love the genre, and
    have an operatic voice; however, my lung capacity is considerably low. I
    have heard from various people that singing opera doesn’t require a huge
    amount of air, it’s how you use the air that you have is what counts. I
    have noticed that individuals like Luciano Pavarotti take in small amounts
    of air, but bellow in extremely high ranges for long periods of time. I can
    sing quite well, and can hold a note (cont.)

  14. for a good 20 seconds (without training, I know I probably have some
    technique to work on), but I think I can do it. I love music, and I love to
    sing and I am making it my personal goal to be an opera singer……

  15. I have never tried to become an opera singer but i do just LOVE to sing and
    want to be better at it so my mom showed me the first evanescence CD (I
    fell in love with it and she is now my idol I want to have as much vocal
    strength as her). When she told me her lessons were through opera I was
    like I cant do that and my mom told me to look for lessons on youtube….
    any ideas?

  16. I am an opera fan not a singer, but I had some lessons, I also knew singers
    and know about opera singers. First you need to have a great voice and a
    great sense of pitch if you don’t, no amount of training will turn you into
    an opera singer. Sure miracles do happen, but don’t count on it. Then you
    need to prepare for years of study – usually at voice program at a
    university or conservatory – if they take you. Then less than 1% of people
    who study make it, it’s a very competitive field.

  17. I agree that talent is useless if you are lazy, but it’s still a
    requirement, and outstanding talent at that. Sure, if you start with “oh I
    won’t manage”, you’ll not succeed, but then you probably don’t have enough
    passion to make it anyway. I do agree that people who have both talent and
    passion owe it to themselves to try it. But others need to be realistic
    about their abilities.

  18. True, it just from the comment I replied to it didn’t look like the person
    knew much about opera. These days there are many people who confuse popera
    with opera or think all of those singers who come to tv talent shows
    attempting arias are opera singers and get the idea that opera is easy, or
    think that anybody can be trained, and don’t realize that both talent and
    training (and hard work) are required. But of course truly talented people
    need to follow their passion and work on it.

  19. Sorry if I sounded negative, but it’s a really competitive field. But if
    you think you have talent, try to find a good private teacher. You can also
    go to a university’s music department and ask a professor to listen to you,
    and he or she may also recommend teachers. You can also audition for a
    chorale group or if you have a small opera theater near you – an opera
    chorus, and regardless of if they take you people there can recommend a
    teacher. But do take lessons regardless.

  20. I know that it can be super exciting to be able to hit those amazingly high
    notes especially for those of you who are saying that you are very young!
    However, there is a huge amount of risk for your voice by trying to sing
    operatically before your voice has developed fully and before you have at
    least attended a fundamentals of vocal technique class. What I’m trying to
    do as an aspiring classical singer is get involved with my college’s
    applied music program with an emphasis on classical vocal training. I would
    recommend that anyone who feels that they have potential to be an opera
    singer go to either a voice teacher who is well versed in specifically
    training classically or (I know this one is hard to hear) wait until
    college and get involved with a music program there. Trust me the reward
    will be so great when a beautiful, trained and technically correct voice is
    at your disposal. Meanwhile, get inspired! Listen listen listen to
    recordings (my favorite is Renee Fleming) and keep that inspiration alive
    as you gently train your voice to be glorious 🙂 I hope this helps

    Source: I am a college student who is majoring in music, and I am about to
    audition for my school’s applied music program with an emphasis on
    classical opera 🙂 

  21. yuleema lover aka lesley pedraza

    I wantt o become a famous singer and right know i am writing a song tho i
    am not a singer well i hope one direction can see me singer i will try to
    upload the video of me singing!!!

  22. I dont listen nor have any intrest in strictly proffesional opera singers.
    I am very intersted in symphonic metal music and listen to female metal
    opera singers and i was hoping there will be some tips useful for me but
    this video is just not what i wanted.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

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