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Singing Lessons / Head Voice Training (Intermediate Singer) /

Here is an intermediate vocal exercise that induces something I call “spot adduction”. Most vocal exercises have you vocalizing on one continuous, legato melody so your cords adduct in a fluid motion (common in Bel Canto) – this exercise forces the vocal cords to adduct or “zip” in small steps. A really good technique to practice for actual live singing technique because you rarely sing things in one fluid, up and down arpeggio melody. This makes you jump your adduction around a bit. When you go back to doing the fluid arpeggio exercises, they will be much easier to do.

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40 thoughts on “Singing Lessons / Head Voice Training (Intermediate Singer) / Rock the Stage NYC”

  1. Hey man I watch your vids and I like what I see but I can sing and use my
    dyiframe….I dont care about spelling but I listen to megadeth and
    ironmaiden but I want to sing like dave mustaine when he was in the 80’s
    can you help… My main Idea is to sing the tone and style.

  2. Kevin Richards Rock the Stage NYC

    what do you want me to do? I mean really. This is YouTube. Want to learn
    how to sing like Mustaine? Get a vocal coach, buy a vocal course and
    practice for a few years. That’s it. There is no magic formula. It takes
    money, dedication and years of hard work.

  3. I have good power in my mid voice and falsetto screams. But when I try to
    sing songs like sweet child o mine, I can hit the notes but they arent as
    powerful. Please help

  4. I’ve been practicing for 2 months.And now I could sing in headvoice ( not
    falseto).What must I do next If I want to be able to sing in mixed voice???

  5. Kevin Richards Rock the Stage NYC

    I didn’t mean to sound like a dick in my first comment – but what you’re
    asking is kind of silly. What can I possibly do for you on YouTube? I am
    offering some helpful advice, tidbits, tips to help singers conquer common
    problems. I cannot take you step by step through a process that can take a
    couple of years to achieve for free on YouTube. That’s not why I’m on here.

  6. I don’t know if you are tired of reading something like this… But you are
    a GREAT singer and a great person, seriously! I’ve watched several videos
    on your channel and I’m really inspired to take singing lessons here in my
    city! If I lived in NY, I would definitely have lessons with you! Sorry for
    bad grammar! Greetings from Brazil!

  7. Hello, Great Job. I have a problem, slight. I sing well connected from my
    chest register into my high notes, but coming down from head to chest is a
    problem. Could I be doing something wrong ?

  8. Kevin Richards Rock the Stage NYC

    Absolutely. The only immediate adjustment I would make is the starting
    pitch of the exercise. Typically that is G below middle C or G3. Most male
    exercises start on the C below middle C or C3.

  9. Heavenly Peace

    Thank you for all your great vocal tips. I’ve been singing for a long time.
    I have never been vocally trained. I am going to practice your tips every
    day and will love doing so. I love singing. This is great. I also have
    singing videos, well before I seen you, up here on you-tube. I seen another
    vocal coach, so I remembered some of what he said and I also been
    practicing. I can sing for many hours a day, but I need to be able to know
    how to use my voice properly.

  10. Heavenly Peace

    I been told I have that nasal sound, that I drop or choke off notes. It’s
    because I strain when I sing and then the sound comes out my nose. lol. I
    could sing country with no problem. i like to sing rock songs though, or
    metal, and that sound does not fit. And I know it’s not good for my vocal
    chords to strain.

  11. Kevin Richards Rock the Stage NYC

    well first off – you can’t be choking off or dropping notes and singing
    nasal at the same time. Nasality is the result of placing the sound too
    forward into the sinus cavity – choking of swallowing notes would not allow
    that. You cannot sing out of your nose – that’s a myth. So whoever said you
    sing “nasal” doesn’t know what they’re taking about.

  12. Heavenly Peace

    Thanks for the reply. I also know I strain when I sing some songs, depends
    if I am singing Judas Priest, or Dokken and I’m a girl. it’s the very high
    notes, but I know you have videos for this problem I have. I have learned
    it should feel comfortable to sing, if not I’m straining. So I’m not
    singing out of my nose, it’s a myth. I didn’t know that, until now. Then
    like you said.. I am placing the sound too forward into my sinus cavity.
    How Do i stop doing that? Thanks for your advice.

  13. Heavenly Peace

    When I get some cash coming in.. I am going to buy your CD..I am serious
    about becoming a pro at singing! And you are a pro. You sound awesome. 🙂

  14. Will this exercise help me develop my mixed voice as well? Right now the
    highest note I can sing without straining is F4 and i’m trying to reach G4.

  15. Desmond Gamnle

    i can reach a E5 but i wanna get to e6, i can go up to a5 easy but i cannot
    go past it so is there any way to help me i wanna sing song but i need that
    not for most my songs please i need help.

  16. Joshua Salvador

    Omg how can I have a heavier mix voice sound… my mix gets too weaek
    sounding around the fifth octave notes such as e5 or f5. How can I
    strengthen these notes easily?

  17. Kevin Richards Rock the Stage NYC

    You’re not going to get a heavy mix at E5 and F5 – the vocal cords are too
    thin and the resonance is too high in the vocal tract to create a bottom
    upper mix.

  18. Kevin Richards Rock the Stage NYC

    I have a feeling you are denoting the notes you want differently than US
    standard. E6 in US standards is Mariah Carey whistle tone range.

  19. It could just be our lead guitarist lol but he says that I need to learn
    how to adjust my high notes to go along with the guitar, because if i go
    too high then it throws our overall sound off and if i can learn to make my
    high note sound heavier it would be great. This is hard as hell to explain,
    especially for me i’am just starting to sing and make music. The reason i
    trust him is because he started our band over 8 years ago and he’s been
    doing great work too. Maybe it will come to me in time.

  20. In the judas priest song painkiller, is that head voice halford is using?
    Im not familiar with the terms. I have just begun to sing and every time i
    get the sound rob has in painkiller i can only do it for a few minutes then
    my voice starts to go out when i attempt to go that high.

  21. Hi, this is something I’ve been wondering about for a long time. For
    reference, what is the middle C on a piano? Is it C3? does a guitar tuner
    match with the singing octaves when it shows the lowest note of a guitar at

  22. Kevin Richards Rock the Stage NYC

    In America middle C is referenced as C4 as it is the fourth C note starting
    from the left side of the piano. I don;t know how guitar tuners match to
    the piano; those tuners are meant for guitars. There are free piano
    programs you can download for your computer or smartphone that will be more
    accurate for singing to pitches.

  23. Hi Kevin

    What would be an excellent exercise to practice to help with singing in
    different keys? I showed you some of my videos a while back and you said
    about singing in different keys. I do tend to sing mostly in the same key,
    but I can’t seem to change this. Maybe it has something to do with my
    breathing or possibly my posture. I breathe in and out through my nose, so
    I wouldn’t think that would be the problem.

  24. When you have got perfected the buzzing of a tune, you may then hum along to your favorite tunes and earlier than you realize the place you are you will be mechanically choosing songs which you discover match your particular person voice range.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...