Singing Lessons for Beginners – Male Voices

Singing lesson for new singers. Male voices. Every voice is different though, and consequently some of the exercises may be too high or too low. Just wait until they’re in a comfortable range if so.

If you’ve ever wanted to sing or if you’ve been told that you can’t sing it can help to begin very slowly and with exercises that are easy to hear the different notes in.

This singing lesson is similar to what I would work with someone on if they had no prior singing experience at all or had had some difficulties in the past and needed to start by matching notes with me and going on from there.

Singing is something that we can all enjoy, on whatever level we happen to be at, with this video, my intent was to provide a means for new vocalists to take the first step in beginning to train their voices and establish good airflow. Please get in touch if any questions come up!

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41 thoughts on “Singing Lessons for Beginners – Male Voices”

  1. Nirvana Khadka

    What does this tips help you? I mean for good voice? And what if i am a
    beginner and I wanna make my vocal sounds you know a bit good. Does this
    helps for me if I practice it every day? 

  2. Hi Jeff, similar to a lot of people here I am pretty much at stage 0.
    I think that my voice isn’t too bad I think there are a few songs that I
    believe I can sing rather well if at the right pitch/voice strength (I
    don’t really know the correct terminology) – although to be honest it could
    just be that I think I can sing them well.
    Anyway, I’ve always wanted to learn how to sing properly and I must praise
    you for this video as: firstly, it was great fun and really easy to follow
    and secondly, you made it seem so calm and happy that I just wanted to sing
    all night long… lol.
    Ultimately, I was wondering if you have a series of videos that you suggest
    I follow on your channel for further development. I might have missed
    something like this on your playlists and if I did I apologize in advance.

    All the best and keep up with the excellent videos,


  3. Hey Jeff! Really enjoyed the video. Pretty easy to follow along. I’m in
    stage 0 like I really don’t know anything about choir/singing. I was
    wondering how can I get us to playing high notes/ tones . my voice would
    sometimes crack when singing the high notes. If you have a video about this
    topic would you please leave a link to it 🙂
    Oh and one more thing am I suppose to do these scales every day till I get
    good at them ?

  4. soul winner for christ

    i can tell by the way you talk your a tenor i want to be a tenor so bad i
    have to much deph in my voice is there any thing i can do to make it

  5. hey Jeff, I’m from Pakistan, I’ve grate tendency towards English songs I
    use to listen English songs from different singers and even try to sing
    them back. actually I need your help if you can. could you please give me
    singing trainings weather online or whatever the way you want in Pakistan
    there isn’t any institution teaching english music. I’ll wait for your
    response and hope full that it’ll be positive.
    may God bless you more
    your in Christ

  6. Hey, I’m trying to become a good singer. I’m really into radiohead,
    Phoenix, and Deftones. I’m wondering, how do you sing with power in your
    voice. For example, I’d really love to sing like in the song “Hole in the
    Earth” by Deftones…But I just don’t know how to sing with that power. And
    also, If I can sing more powerfully will I be able to burst into a higher
    range? Please reply, I just can never figure out how to sing like this from

  7. I wanna make music videos and yes but idk if I have the voice for it I want
    help I want people to help me so we can go big OK I can do it with lots of
    practice but I just don’t have the voice

  8. hi jeff I had a stroke 2 years agoand it has affected my voice can you
    suggest anything that might help you see I had a fairly good singing voice
    but now its very bad

  9. Blytheboy1997reviews

    I need to learn lessons to improve my voice but this is just too hard. I
    can’t even tell if I’m getting better or if this even works I guess I’m too

  10. My voice is deep, but I want it to be a little higher, sadly my voice may
    be affected by my mubbling. Trying to go to rasp and in beginner lever or
    start to beginner level. I love to sing, buy never manage to sing probably.

  11. hello jeff

    heres a video of me singing 4 years ago

    htt ps:// m/watch?v=fpurm-x-nrE

    im wondering if you can give me some videos to improve my singing

  12. Hey great tutorial, I just wanted to ask why is it I’m more comfortable
    singing female songs and not male songs. It’s either they are too low or
    too high. I’m 18 btw. Thanks

  13. Mikhail Geissler

    Thanks for posting this. I am 15 and want to start singing, but needed
    somewhere to begin. I loved how clear your video was and I subscribed. I
    will make sure to watch more. And please send me the link for e book you
    make with the piano parts. Thanks!

  14. Billie Bautista

    That’s me a beginner from zero who have always dream of singing.
    I’m your new subscriber and student. Thank you for this great video Jeff.

  15. Mario Figueiredo

    Hey Jeff, thank you very much for this great lesson, don’t take this the
    wrong way but this lesson is really great and really funny as well, you
    really keep it simple, once again thank you

  16. Michael Mcpherson

    No you do not, many chorus singers do not read music, you will find that with a little of practice you will be able to learn songs by rote from the materials we give you.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

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