Singing Lessons – Episode .5. (How To Sing High Notes) with Rae Henry

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41 thoughts on “Singing Lessons – Episode .5. (How To Sing High Notes) with Rae Henry”

  1. Heyy Rae! I have been watching and re watching your videos for a long time
    and I really wanted to take my singing seriously so I quit smoking… I’ve
    realized my voice is soo cracky, my range is not as wide. I am soo confused
    because when I smoked I always thought I sounded well and was like man I
    can’t wait to see how I sound when I quit… I’m shocked … Can you help
    me .. Maybe upload a video about something I can do to help retrain my

  2. The Lone Chipmunk

    I have a question. What would it take to learn how to sing something like
    this song, “Hardware Store” by Weird Al Yankovic, specifically at the time
    2:13 in the video of the song, “Weird Al Yankovic – Hardware Store With

  3. some people tell me i can sing and im even in a group and all. i have never
    taken any lessons in my life but i would love it if you could here me maybe
    i could send you a private video of me singing acapella and you could tell
    me what i need to work on. I love singing and im being encouraged to try
    out for competitions but i wouldnt want to fail, if you could help me with
    this i would be truly greatful., thank you! and i hope you get around to
    this message lol..

  4. julie flournoy

    I am having trouble getting past the f note in the octave above middle c.
    it sounds really strained and odd from there past the b note where I seem
    somehow to break through and reach the e note in the next octave very
    clearly, with power and everything. how can I improve that one group of
    notes that give me so much trouble? Any advice? Am I the only one who has a
    problem like this?

  5. You have no I idea! I’ve only used this technique for two days so far, and
    I’ve already expanded my range by at least two notes. Thank you! You really
    know your stuff.

  6. So the back of my throat hurts when I sing, what am I doing wrong? Am I
    pushing to hard or not enough or what? I’m stuck can anyone help me?

  7. I could sing higher notes about two months or a month ago and now when I
    try it’s like my voice is gone cause nothing comes out, do you know what
    that’s means and could you give some advice on how to fix it.

  8. mam , whenever i try to sing high notes .it sounds like somebody has
    cracked has cracked a log of bamboo …………….what should i do?????
    besides, my mother tongue isn’t English. its Hindi……………….

  9. You’re so beautiful and a wonderful voice.
    Everyone says around me I sing great opera though I have high problem to
    touch the high note. Thank you very much for this video! I will practice

  10. Disneylover1994 Disneylover1994

    Thank you so much for this tip! I have struggling for years. To reach high
    notes! I always seem to scream instead of singing!! Thank you so much!! 🙂 

  11. Dear Rae, thank you very much from a jazz singer, who found herself on tour
    requiring operating her rusty classical skills. You’re a star! Wonderful
    and simple exercises. Thanks again (:

  12. I sound like a dying cat when I reach A I need help as I want to sing like
    Ariana Grande in high soprano
    btdubdubs (lol) your accent it gorgeous

  13. Kanarr Dickerson

    Oh my Wow I have been wondering where I could go to get great singing
    lessons where I felt comfortable and I couldn’t find anywhere until I
    stumbled upon your page your insightful and your very helpful I’m going to
    practice over the week and I’m going to report back to you with my progress
    thank you so much for posting this. I know this is going to help me so much
    follow my dreams on becoming a Singer. Thank you so much and by the way you
    are very beautiful (and that’s coming from a gay man) and you have a great
    spirit God bless you and continue to share your positive message with
    others. You are a angel in disguise

  14. I am a mezzo belt attempting to broaden my horizons a bit since I just got
    cast in “Nice Work If You Can Get It” as the Duchess of Woodford. I need to
    be able to hit a Bb 2 octaves over middle C. I sing Soprano pretty often,
    but I’m just not getting the sound or vibrato I would like on those higher
    notes near the Bb or on the Bb itself. Do you have any suggestions?

  15. Hello, i want to ask u smthng, i’m a girl and my voice is a bit deep and
    husky but i can reach really high notes , but i keep losing my voice evzery
    now and then , even if i didnt over use it , please help me , cuz now i
    cant give a promise to someone that i’ll performe ciz i get scared if i’ll
    lose my high notes again

  16. Thanks so much Rae..difference between singing high and shouting. Point
    taken. But I’m finding it hard to relax the jaw throughout the note. Any
    tips for that?

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