Singing Lessons – Episode .2. (Breath Support) with Rae Henry

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Breath Lesson (57min extended). Watch Now!

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40 thoughts on “Singing Lessons – Episode .2. (Breath Support) with Rae Henry”

  1. hello I am 13 and was always wanting to sing and u make it very easy to
    understand plz contact me I wish to talk to u to be inspired by a future

  2. Thank you so much~! This is a great way to find where your diaphragm is! I
    never understood from descriptions of where it should be, but now I know
    because of this video so thank you! My singing already has much more

  3. I was a choir student back in school but after years w/o training, I have
    lost the techniques…I can still sing though but after viewing your
    videos, you reminded me of what my choir instructor taught me 13 years
    ago…thank you so much!

  4. Dear Rae , I enjoy your voice lessons, you are a fantastic voice teacher.
    Only it is such a shame that the moment you open up, the audio clips;
    distortion by running your mic too HOT! I would gladly help identity the
    problem if you would described your setup to me. email me stratmister@
    gmail . . . .

  5. you are a grate teacher even if you dont have as many sudscriders they
    probibly have not
    found their way i know it has helped me and i am extreamly happy how my
    voice is now .
    (life is a song you must sing it.)

  6. Thank you very much for the very informative video. But, I am a bit
    confused. When you take a breath in then tend to let it out the lower part
    of the abdomen will have to come in. In other words you must suck in your
    tummy in order to let the air out. You are saying to push the wall of the
    tummy out when you let the air out. Did I misunderstood you? Do mind please
    elaborate on this a bit. Thank you.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

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