Singing Lessons – Breathing

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Singing Lessons – Breathing

Date: 5.11.11
Coach: Jesse Nemitz

Jesse talks about one of the most basic, but often misunderstood aspects of singing, breathing.

Approximate Length: 19 minutes 58 seconds

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18 thoughts on “Singing Lessons – Breathing”

  1. Darion Jaikaran

    Hey Jessy! Idk if u all can give advice like this but i’ve got a huuuuuuuuuuuge problem. When I use singing success, my throat really hurts. And I also can’t take in breaths properly and it makes my singing and talking hard and painful. Please Help Me!-cause im suppose to meat the owner of a record label in sep and i wana do some stuff in the studeo Please reply as a comment or on [email protected] btw, u rooooock!!!!!!!

  2. Slightly Squishy

    @DarionJaikaran Yeah, there are packages for multiple lesson purchases. There isn’t any extra cost for having a skype lesson (jsyk). The price depends on who you’re working with. I think Jesse is $125 for a 50 min lesson.

  3. i disagree that opening the throat is bad. In fact I’d say quite the opposite. It’s one thing to suck down the larynx; another to gently lower it.

  4. theycallmejolly

    I’m so confused.
    When you breathe as a singer, you shouldn’t breathe through your upper body (or make your shoulders raise). Thats what I’ve learned anyways. You breathe through your diaphragm for more support while singing. I don’t know what your talking about with spacing though in your throat. I’ve learned through exercise to breathe through my diaphragm. As if when lying down, your stomach raises. its the same thing, but you work on using it while singing.

  5. @Singin4Jesus92 raising shoulder to an extend isnt bad, just most of the time people raise their shoulder cause they dont use diaphragm.

  6. theycallmejolly

    No. He’s talking about spacing within the throat and controlling the amount of airflow through the throat. He never said anything about breathing through the diaphragm and it being bad. I’m going to school for voice so I know that breathing through your diaphragm is healthier than forcing your throat to widen and allow room for airflow. Breathing through your diaphragm is a technique that many professional vocalists use and it is encouraged by a lot of vocal coaches.

  7. @Singin4Jesus92 I agree, i don’t know why they never mention the diaphragm breathing in their videos, it’s very important and without it you can’t practically develop your voice in a healthy way… and it usually takes it’s time to strengthen the diaphragm and muscles around it that are needed for singing. When you’re working with your diaphragm your throat gets relaxed and widens out automatically.

  8. KaleidoscopeAct

    Why do you do all your examples in a chair? I’ve been watching many of these videos and am confused about the posture the teachers take and the students are in when they sing.

  9. I think that i can sing normally but sometimes me sound beauty))i can’t play any instrument))my sister can do this))but she can’t sing because her voice is not enough deep how i have))i am 13 and i think that i will sing better when i will be older))

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