Singing Lesson with Eric Arceneaux – Don’t Try This At Home!

Eric Arceneaux is a famous vocal coach with over 650 000 subscribers on his channel.
He has posted great videos with vocal workouts for singers.

Other great vocal coaches are Brett Manning, Kevin Rogers and Ken Tamplin.

How important do you think that is to have a good teacher that you can connect with from the start. What is your experience there? How much can that improve the process?

To me that is very important. It’s amazing to me now when I have students who say: “Erik I’m so excited to get a lesson with you!” When I took lessons in the beginning I dreaded them. My teacher was very cruel and impatient and any time I wouldn’t do it correctly from the start he would yell and berate me. It really hurt my moral. It hindered me because when you feel like you need to be defensive emotionally or mentally your body becomes defensive physically. You clamp up and everything you need for free singing becomes hindered by stress. It was so difficult. And I ended up damaging my voice even further. I had a coach when I was a teenager that was really good. I guess my first coach in collage was classically oriented and he made me take a few steps back. He really emphasized squeezing this, forcing this open and forcing, forcing, forcing. I developed a big gap between my chest voice and my head voice, that I hadn’t had before. For around four years, and this is kind of where the AAproach started I had to do what he told me to do, for the sake of passing my class, but also how to keep my voice alive. I had a big chesty chest voice and a really weak head voice. But to sing the kind of music I wanted to sing, I needed a connected voice. He wanted me to be like…and I wanted…connection from bottom to top. It was very limiting. I can go on and on about it but I will stop there. When I finally got a teacher that understood that I needed to find my voice, it was a world of difference. When they weren’t trying to impose an ideal sound on me and rather was helping me to fee my instrument that in itself was a revelation. It wasn’t: “You have to sound like this” It was: “Lets get your voice free so that you can make it sound however you want it to sound.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

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