Singing Lesson – Phrasing

Bellon the Wise takes a look at phrasing in an unique way. Watch this easy to follow guide to phrasing.

Art (C) by Stephan Stölting

Thank you Stephan!
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41 thoughts on “Singing Lesson – Phrasing”

  1. i had subscribed to another singing coach’s vocal lessons..but after
    watching yours..i think i’ll switch! the way you explain things is much
    more helpful than the others…thanks!

  2. I agree, the song writers today are working with very little, they don’t
    have the wealth of harmonic knowledge the great composers had, it is
    sometimes amazing some of the stuff they do come up with.

  3. I really enjoy your vocal lessons, you put everything so simple. I have
    been searching for a good teacher for years, is there a way i can subscribe
    to your videos or dvds’s?

  4. very informative and a great lesson! I’m working on a song atm that I’m
    having trouble working on a ” love ” song atm with the Phrasing. As I’m not
    used to that type of singing. I’m sure this will be some help. TY 🙂 FX^

  5. I am a huge fan of Patti. True it’s a lot ‘in’ the nose but that is one of
    the reasons she has been able to sing so well for so long. Have you ever
    heard of the word ‘mask’? Opera singers do the same thing that she does,
    the only difference is that they raise their soft palette so it doesn’t
    sound nasal. Patti has natural technique.

  6. Funny, but, I liked all the singing. Even the less sophisticated singers.
    Still, you’re so right about everything. The voice is less an less an
    instrument today. I’m going to start working on mine because of this.
    Thanks CB.

  7. I googled the question, “What is singing phrasing?” your vid came up and
    really helped me understand. Thank You I was interested because Adam
    Lambert gets alot of praise for his phrasing and breath. – I’m not musical.

  8. This was a GREAT video. Me as a singer, I know that I struggle with
    phrasing. As a classical singer, my problem comes from knowing the
    different languages…if some1 is singing in a lanuage that is not their
    native, of course it would be hard to pharse anything…you are so right
    about having more than just a beautiful voice!

  9. LMAO 1:46 Congratulations, you discovered a whole new system of tuning in
    which you are “singing” notes between B and C, C and Db. Sorry sweetie, but
    if you are gonna slander me with auto-tune allegations and come for my
    vocal ability, makes sure you are not flat, sharp and all over the place
    with your pitch. You are a musician? I don’t think so.

  10. Actually I am a musician, and have sung with orchestras, sung 10 different
    professional roles, released a Christmas Album when I was 17, have a
    masters degree in voice, worked at Sony BMG in California, taught as a
    vocal coach at Duke University and all over the United States, written an
    opera, currently working for a Speech Pathology Firm singing Wagner for
    Union Ave Opera….feel free to listen to my recordings at reverbnation
    /craigbrown. All you’ve done is use auto tune and sing badly.

  11. Sure, you also cured cancer, and yet your vocal examples here are off key.
    You are actually singing notes pitches between B and C and then C and Db,
    LMAO. I also have a voice degree, from Rice University, and let me tell
    you…the tiny buzzing of a mosquito you call voice that you can barely
    project over a piano with labored, imprecise coloratura, ain’t shit.

  12. And about your auto-tune accusations, feel free to run my vocals through
    auto-tune and look at the transitions between notes. If they had been
    processed they would be flattened. Call me when you can match my 5 octaves
    of power and agility: /watch?v=5bljGxrfjWM Till then, your uninformed
    opinon is worth less than nothing. Stay mad, pressed, desperate and

  13. So basically phrasing is emphasizing/carrying out certain words in a melody
    by elevating/changing your vocal range a certain way? Well then, Jethro
    Tull might be the ultimate phrasers! Old rock band that’s different from
    the examples in your video, I know.

  14. I know it’s only a tutorial, but the girl singer is doing the one thing I
    really hate to hear in a singer…and that is…taking breaths in the
    middle of a phrase….please…if you’re going to give people a tutorial,
    do NOT use bad examples…coz it might make some people believe it’s ok to
    sing like that. The lady singer should do some breathing exercises and
    generally improve her lung/diaphragm fitness, so that she can muster up
    plenty of breath to complete an entire line…..I think that breathy
    approach of hers is so annoying!

  15. I worked with a great producer who once scrapped a whole vocal track
    because (as he put it) I am hearing too much of the singer, and not enough
    of the SONG. In a way…the breathing effect the young lady uses in this
    video gets in the way of the song. Just my 2 cents worth.

  16. A skilled singer will be capable of modulate their voice accordingly however novice singers must first be taught traditional singing earlier than attempting to try metal.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

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