Singing Lesson – Open throat, Taylor Swift – Style

“Open your throat” is a very common tip given to singers. But it doesn’t really achieve the goal in mind. Here’s why.

Learn how to sing “Style” by Taylor Swift.

Sing easier! Sing Better! Period.

17 thoughts on “Singing Lesson – Open throat, Taylor Swift – Style”

  1. Kevin Richards Rock the Stage NYC

    the way I have always understood the term “open throat” going back 25 years
    is a relaxed throat – devoid of undue tension. I don’t think I’ve heard
    anyone explain “open the throat” by not making a clear, connected
    phonation. I’d be interested to know where you saw or heard this Sophie.

  2. bambam navarro

    Can you please do a vocal warmup video plz as like warmups to use before
    going to a performance or just a daily use please i would appreciate it so
    much thank you 

  3. Phil Moufarrege

    Opening the throat doesn’t mean lower your larynx and make a breathy sound
    that’s just people misinterpreting things – so I think it’s great that you
    brought this up. When the soft palate raises there should still be a
    clear ringing tone in the head, that is actually what proper open throat is
    referring to – the tone is relaxed open and rings clearly. It is very in
    line with what Seth Riggs teaches and very much in line with mixed voice
    with a rested larynx position

  4. I’m sorry, but you don’t reaaally know what you’re saying)))))) it’s
    obvious that open throat has nothing to do with that breathy sound you
    make))))))) open throat means relaxed throat, it’s when you relax the back
    of the tongue, the jaw and the lips)))) I have no idea where you got that
    little info of yours from)))) but god if that was a joke, then you sure can

  5. Hi Sophie, thank you so much for your videos I’ve been practicing with you
    for over a year now! I have a question I was hoping you could answer: as my
    chest/mixed voice gets stronger (doing a lot more Paramore/Flyleaf type
    songs) I find my head voice feels weaker? Does this mean I need to practice
    head voice more or have I hurt my throat? Thank you!

  6. Bianca Taylor

    Opening your jaw and lifting your soft palate doesn’t have any connection
    to a weak phonation. How do those two connect? That’s a strange
    correlation, haha.

  7. florence cipher

    thank you! the speaking as a guide to ones singing tone is really concrete
    and easy! this saved the day!

  8. ken tamplin uses an open throat technique but he is into rock, nor breathy
    sound he produced but a bright timbral sounds…

  9. I guess it’s all a matter of how you define “opening the throat”. While you
    don’t want to push down your larynx, you definitely do want enough
    resonating space in your mouth cavity as well as your pharyngeal area,
    which a lot of people whould describe as “throat”. Having been a
    professional opera singer as well as musical theatre and pop/jazz singer
    for several years, I can say that any extreme pushing down of the larynx or
    pharynx only results in a very unnatural and strained sound and isn’t
    desirable. On the other hand, a very narrow position will cause a very flat
    and squeaky sound.
    Thanks for sharing your view on this!

  10. This is it! This is why I sound stupid! Apparently I’ve just been singing
    open-throated all my life.

    The question is, how do I stop? Help!!

  11. Your exaggeration of the lack of resonance when opening ones throat is a
    misrepresentation of good technique. Open throat does not equate to the
    poor tonality that you are demonstrating. And what makes it worse is when
    anybody would use Taylor Swift in any example of good singing when she is
    an awful singer. To view an amazing example of open throat singing, well
    implemented, watch anything Carrie Underwood does. It’s like the Grand
    Canyon in her mouth, low tongue open throat. And she has as much ping as
    any singer could ever dream of. Another example of marvelous open throated
    singing is the new kid Danielle Bradbery. Those two singers alone makes
    this video very bad teaching!! You only brought up Taylor Swift in the
    title to gain views on YouTube because she is a really bad singer…

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