Singing Lesson on How to Inhale Part 2

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In this lesson, Steve Childs of VirtualVoiceLessons.Net explains how to inhale correctly while singing. Steve has Megan Dettrey demonstrate key points of breathing.

42 thoughts on “Singing Lesson on How to Inhale Part 2”

  1. These are all great singing videos!! Sometimes we learn better from
    different words and different teachers. I am one of those teachers! Drop by
    our new channell Mustache Men , quick n Easy Singing Lessons!

  2. Virtual Voice Lessons

    @thinsulite Anyone can learn to sing. If you understand how the voice
    works, how to hear your mistakes and fix them quickly, and then practice,
    you can do it.

  3. NormalLifeIsNotReal

    For some reason I can’t understand breathing in certain ways. I can’t tell
    if I’m doing it right, and I don’t know what they mean. It’s like I need
    someone to take over my body and show me how. For me it’s like telling me
    how to digest my food – I can’t. They say I sing from my throat and I’m
    lost like wtf am I supposed to do? I can’t speak with other parts of my
    body. I’m lost.

  4. Yeah I agree with normallifeisnotnormal. Since I don’t have a visual
    reference, it is more difficult to tell whether I am breathing correctly or
    not. Any tips on how this can be accomplished? Also, my upper range is very
    breathy. Why is this and what can I do to fix it?

  5. small soft dog

    I’ve only been in choir for a little while, but yeah, it kinda did for me.
    You may just be breathing in too fast or too hard because you’ve never done
    it before

  6. All of these things are perfectly treatable, and once we have established the basics we can explore the full potential of a singer’s voice and performance.

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