Singing Lesson Mask 1

The “Mask” is the home of the middle voice register. The voice resonates and projects from the mask area of the face. The mask gives brilliance to low notes and depth to high notes.
The low notes are hooked in the mask an stretch down to the low notes but never loose the height and brilliance provided by the mask.
The high notes are anchored at the bottom but do not add weight but strength.

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  1. forward in the mask is ok. when you open your mouth that is when most
    people lose the “line” of resonance. if you are forward in the mouth the
    sound will have little resonance and will tire the voice quickly. try to
    record yourself keep the questions coming.

  2. Had you asked a question in the first place I would have ansewered. the
    mask is the anchor zone for all registers, and the home of the mid
    register. without the mask resonance, the highnotes are hollow, shaky and
    lack overtones. the mask gives the low register brilliance(line) and
    projection; without it the transition to higher notes is rough and
    sometimes painful, or feels like the voice is “stuck” in the throat.

  3. The “mask” is a target area and helps the singer focus physicaly/mentally
    the pathway of breath support and where to “spin” the sound. I had a 65 yr
    old female student who sound like an 80 yr old and had her sing the EE
    vowel in the mask . she practised 1 hr/day and in 3 weeks had more
    resonance in her voice then most 40 yr olds. I use these techniques for
    every age group and every level, because most people have never had, or
    have lost the line of the voice. I hope this helps.

  4. @christinavelia Hi Christina Thank You for the question. I would be happy
    to hear you, and help you. Your aunt is a smart lady, and I bet a great
    singer. see you soon. Audrey

  5. @belcantofan2010 Thank You very much for the complements and subbing. I’m
    glad you find the videos helpful. humming is good to relax or warm up.
    pineapple juice is good for hyderation. no extra talking. deep breathing
    thru nose is good. if you have any other questions let me know.

  6. hi,i love you Ising4u333 !!! i always sound nasal when i sing and i sound
    like steve urkle.when you explained that i need to add the yawning feeling,
    i tried and maybe it worked i’m not sure since i don’t know what and how to
    do the yawning you have a video on how to ‘yawn correctly’ while
    singing to clear the nasal?

  7. @pingkitoto Hi Thank You for the question. to get the yawn 1 take a very
    deep breath thru the nose and think of yawning and you will probaly do it
    automatically. also “think” of singing like an opera singer and your pallet
    will raise to raise soft pallet flare your nostrils and breath thru nose
    back of the tonge is raised touching back molars of the top teeth tip down
    at V. also learn to manipulate the uvula and soft pallet on command look in
    side and raise pallet

  8. @pingkitoto raise pallet on command and try to make the uvula disappear.
    and move your tonge around and get fimalliar with your instrument. NEVER
    LOSE THE NASAL SOUND= which is the mask or the voice will sound hooty and
    old. i hope this helps if you have more questions let me know. audrey

  9. ising4u333, thank you the greatest for the advice:) would you be so kind to
    evaluate whether i am singing correctly or not? do you have an email
    address so i may send you a sample of me singing? you must be very busy
    with other things but your help is greatly appreciated:)

  10. ising4u333, thank you the greatest for the advice:) would you be so kind to
    evaluate whether i am singing correctly or not? do you have an email
    address so i may send you a sample of me singing? you must be very busy
    with other things but your help is greatly appreciated:)

  11. nice video! Could you check out one of my vids, the one that says “Tenor
    Sfogato” and tell me if I’m doing the mask placement correctly or if I’m
    just singing nasally? I know the little digital voice recorder doesn’t pick
    up all the overtones of the voice but think you’ll get the idea anyways.
    Thank you.

  12. @belcantofan2010 Hi to sound fuller you need to add the yawn position. to
    be stronger you need to press the voice into the mask and “stretch” the
    voice down to the chest…don’t get stuck in the basement…also try to
    keep an octave in the mouth. if you need more help let me know. Audrey

  13. Saruman The White

    How amazing these videos are! I look at Pavarotti doing the high note of
    Nessun Dorma and I noticed that the back of his tongue was up! Btw, I love
    Celine Dion’s singing. I’m a guy, and I’m so taken with her voice and her
    songs. Her resonance is superb, don’t you think? Thanks for your videos and
    take care and stay well! Cleve

  14. I think my placement needs serious help. I have a very ‘dark’ sound. When i
    try to place my voice in the mask it feels as though I’m pushing and that
    can’t be right. i have accidentally gotten it right a couple of times and
    it’s an amazing feeling of surround-sound vibration when it happens but i
    don’t seem to be able to control it. Some vowels are particularly
    challenging. Lv your voice & vids. thanks for posting them!


  16. @Ayakissu01 Hi thanks for the question…I have would tell you to look at
    some of me responses to mask questions and work withthat first then once
    you have that technique secure add the yawn position. your voice will be
    free once the instrument is alligned and working on its own .

  17. @viking052 hi since you are getting the surround sound that is the correct
    placement. try plugging yoour ears…I think I have explained this
    technique somewhere on here and I hope you read the other post questions
    and comments it will help.

  18. @Ising4u333 Hi Audrey I have just sent a personal message to you via you
    tube. Wonder if you have received it? Cannot seem to find your email or
    skype contact. Hope to hear from you soon.

  19. @xnenaxo Hi I’m thinking a couple of things could be happening since this
    happens both in talking and singing, for such short periods of time. 1) you
    have damage to the throat and or vocal cords (see your doctor to know for
    sure) 2) not enough breath support…, shallow chest breathing. 3) too much
    air pressure…if you are taking big breaths. 4) incorrect placement…yes
    the mask is the solution I would suggest HUMMING about 10 minutes and see
    if the pain continues then get back to me.

  20. @xnenaxo Ok try the humming once more on the EE vowel and think of putting
    the sound in the nose and ears. If you feel pain again in the first minute
    or two STOP. I need to hear you to proceed any further, and you may need to
    make a doctors appointment. let me know how it goes.

  21. @Ising4u333 Hey Audrey, I used your technique and it really works wonders,
    just wondering thou , my voice in the upper reaches sounds crystalline and
    pure kinda like justin bieber however if i want my voice to be something
    like pavarotti’s what should i do? Add more phyrangeal? Thank you!

  22. @Robinqq11 Hi glad the technique is working for you. I can’t recall having
    ever heard Justin B…(I’m in to rock) but if you want to sound more like
    Pavarotti think of yawning and singing opera and it will open your throat.
    godd luck and if you need any more help let me know. Audrey

  23. @Ising4u333 Yup , i already tried using the open throat position , however
    im still lacking that edge which u can find in those rock singers and such
    . Is there anyway i can have more gruff to my voice?

  24. the mask technique really helped me get into my middle voice but sometimes
    when I try to sing I go straight back to pulling chest or cracking and
    going into head voice. any tips on staying in the middle voice while

  25. Hi Audrey, I’m just in the process of reteaching myself to sing, I’ve sung
    for many years & more recently have found my vocal stamina reducing, I am
    pushing too hard & blowing my cords & need to learn to use my mid register.
    I’m redoing my scales and when I add the mid register, I can feel nice
    strong resonance in my my upper jaw but the sound is very unstable &
    crackles a lot, is this normal when first finding your your mid register or
    am I doing something drastically wrong? Thanks from Ian x

  26. Hi Ian the cracking sounds like a lack of support and placement. try
    starting with a humm then the EE vowel and really buzz that into the mask.
    The mid reg needs the most focused and buzzy sound you can produce…. at
    first…. till the sound stays there then you can add the open throat (yawn
    position) and soften the sound. if you have any more question let me know
    and good luck

  27. Audrey, I can’t thank you enough !! Buzzing the Eee sound into the back of
    my nose is perfect ! And now, all I have to do is 5-10 minutes of this
    through some scales and my voice is ready to sing XXX Ian For anyone else
    who suffers vocal fatigue early, persevere with this! It has taken all the
    effort out of my throat !!

  28. Hi Audrey, just wondering if you have any tips for placement of falsetto,
    as since I’ve added the mask & strengthened my chest voice, I’ve started
    loosing my falsetto! Should I try buzzing the Eee sound into the same place
    using falsetto ? Thanks in advance from Ian

  29. Hi Ian absolutely buzz your high register in the mask, also guide of the
    sound up the back of your head, around the top and out your forehead/bridge
    of nose that way you get resonance …also flare your nostrils and think of
    the yawn a little bit this will ass space for the high voice…good luck

  30. You must remember and understand that singing is a physical thing, so it requires a certain amount of coordination, just like an athlete requires coordination related to their sport.

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