Singing Lesson: how to sing high notes!

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In this singing lesson, you’ll learn how to expand your range and learn how to sing higher.

40 thoughts on “Singing Lesson: how to sing high notes!”

  1. i have been practicing with your videos for more than 6 months now and i
    tell you sir. its has been such a huugee part of my singing experience .. i
    hear my family friends used to tell me to just give up singing. but lately
    they have been telling me that my voice got waay more better and i sound
    really good now and i feel so happy thanks to you. 😀

  2. These singing lessons are amazing, and you explain things very well!! On
    your first video ‘interactive videos part 1 of 4’. You said you would
    recommend doing these lessons once a day, the thing I want to ask is that
    would it be okay for me to do twice a day, as doing ‘interactive videos
    part 1,2,3,4, high notes and vibrato’ in the morning and the same again at
    night. Would you think it’s a good idea?

  3. Valentina Henriquez

    Is it normal that I sound very good even the highest notes, but with the
    last ones I sound like a troll dying, so horrible and I can’t even help it?

  4. My ugly brother was able to make the most beautiful pole dancer there is in
    my town fall in love with him because he used the Cupid Love System (search
    in Google). It’s bad but I wish I was pleased for him but I want such a
    beautiful lady to fall for me. I am totally green with envy. Does that mean
    I’m a horrible human being?

  5. Ok so this helped me hit high notes easier with a lot less strain but I
    don’t have as much power in the high notes and my tone isn’t as great can
    someone tell me what I’m doing wrong 

  6. Do you use your ‘head voice” during singing when recording or anything? I
    always just thought my vocal range stopped where my chest voice reached its
    limit. just confused

  7. My daughter says I have a nice Falsetto. She said so after i sang the Star
    Trek theme. If we Skype can you tell me if I am in a head voice or if I
    have a good opera range?

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...