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86 thoughts on “Singing Before & After – Nice & Slow by Usher”

    1. RnB Singing Lessons

      Lol thanks. Check out the other before and afters. Some are ok and some are worse lol. Rached’s Singing Before & After:

    1. RnB Singing Lessons

      Thats gr8 man 🙂 Go for it.

      Watch all these videos to get an idea of how I trained my voice:

      Singing Basics Overview:

      Learn To Sing Runs/Practical Lessons/Under 8 Notes:

    1. +RachedHayek I was going through your videos from years ago and noticed you’ve always had a pretty good sounding voice.

    2. RnB Singing Lessons

      +Tiya Muhammed The old audio in this vid is from 2002. Thats 13 years ago. My youtube vids started in 2007. So I had already been learning and improving for 5 years 🙂 Thats why its decent there. Its in between beginner to intermediate level on my first youtube vids.
      It really doesnt matter how shit you sound, the more you learn the better youll get. Ive been teaching for 7 years and there hasnt been a person ive taught that couldnt get better 🙂

    1. RnB Singing Lessons

      Over about 10 years. But it can be done in about 3 years if u train about an hour a day. Maybe less. For the first 7 years I only trained once a week and didnt really have a set method. But now that I developed a method, I practice about 1-2hrs a day, and progress is way faster.

    2. +RachedHayek Friend this is not about me about you .. you should accept criticism and support have improved the sound has progressed but is almost the same very weak and also help is hard, and in 10 years and had much improved ..concentrate also in the sound

    3. RnB Singing Lessons

      +Carlitos Lexman First you say im being dishonest because im not using music, even though you said acapella is more difficult. Then u said I sound very good, and then you say I sound very weak. Then u say ur an amateur, then u say i should accept criticism from an amateur. If u have any criticism about my voice that is useful, i will take it. But u r telling me to add music. I have plenty of videos with guitar, backing tracks and acapella my friend. U can see all. If u dont think I have improved, that is ok. I dont expect u to understand, because some people cant hear the differences in pitch, rhythm, vibrato, diction, runs and placement, unless they have years of training. Like I have. Like u would benefit to have.

    4. Carlitos Lexman

      +RachedHayek I never said that you were dishonest just asked you more honest. and if you consider that my criticism is useless because I am an amateur ok maybe at the bottom know I’m telling the truth or is true or at least give a chance to a reasonable doubt I think you also have to be more orderly in your presentation video but if you consider yourself an expert or master phd in singing’m glad I still maintain my position and this case is specific for this song and if you do not value the time I have devoted to analyze your progress is fine

    5. RnB Singing Lessons

      +Carlitos Lexman What time have you devoted? Did you watch several videos on my channel? Did you make a list of times in the songs where I need to improve or am good, and describe it technically, or at least use descriptive words. U have not given an analysis. I value the opinion of anyone if there is some valuable information. You are asking me to add music so that u can analyse my VOICE, which is clearly heard, and u already say it sounds the same anyway. Im not sure what u want.
      Do a singing lesson with me and i will show u a real analysis. I have taught 100’s of students over 8 years in many schools, and all levels and ages. My job is to analyse and find where a person needs improvement. This video clearly shows my voice. U thinks its the same. Ok. I think its different. And im suggesting u learn more, since u are here and watching, so u must be interested. U will notice on my channel, that I have dozens of teaching videos.

  1. Carlitos Lexman

    for me is not clare at all the comparision ..cos when you sing when the music you can fallow a line of the notes and the mistakes was more obvious..but when you sing acapella is a line that you can give …for me you can record again now for appreciate the real difference ..excuse my english..bye

    1. Carlitos Lexman

      +RachedHaye man you righ now sing so very my opinion you need record again with the music..i considerated too that the acapella training is most difficult just for us to reconized the keys the tempo the “climax”with the song just a opinion in the end of the day you decide.

    2. RnB Singing Lessons

      +Carlitos Lexman Thanks for the compliments. Please answer my questions. Do you think I will sound different if I add the music, and do you think there is a difference between the current before and after voices?

    3. RnB Singing Lessons

      +RachedHayek Also, please watch all these videos. Rached’s Singing Before & After:
      You will hear my voice as it was, and as it is now. It doesnt even matter which song I it is, because the qualities are the same.

    4. +RachedHayek the sound is the same…but may be more in tone in pitch ..but the quality of the sound .for me is the same …or 80 %the same

    5. RnB Singing Lessons

      +Carlitos Lexman Thanks for answering. This makes it clear that you have a beginner level of listening skills. 10 years ago, I was the same as you 🙂 Listening skill is a skill I had to learn. I recommend you watch all my teaching videos, and buy a singing book to start with. Or you can have lessons with me 🙂

    1. Lol I used to do that. We had a old car that nobody used so I used to go out there and just sing for an hour straight and listen to music in the car, but the car got sold.

    2. RnB Singing Lessons

      +Patricia Gonzalez aint nobody got time for shyness! Start today, don’t let ur passion fade away

  2. You’ve inspired me just from watching this video I really want to sing even though I can’t but I just want to. A lot of my friends can sing and they can do so many amazing things with their voice like the riffs and vibrato and much more like what you can do. I really want to know all the techniques you did so I can start doing them and achieve my singing goals.

    1. RnB Singing Lessons

      Thank man 🙂 Glad ur inspired. I can do some Skype lessons if u want to get started.
      The app is called Amazing Slow Downer. Watch this vid to see how i do it. I will be adding more vids continuing from this vid to show more details.

  3. Hello, i have a question. Have you used any particular program to do this, if yes I would appreciate if you would tell me. If not what do you you suggest in general, what programs etc. Thank you for sharing.

    1. RnB Singing Lessons

      Simply put you slow down the music with Amazing Slow Downer and repeat it a few times.
      I created my own style of learning. You can create your own program based on those techniques. Check out my singing teaching playlists to see the techniques I use.

    1. RnB Singing Lessons

      Yeah it’s takes a lot of work if u dont have it naturally. But its fun and happens slowly over time. Sounds like a lot when its given as one number. In reality its just 20min a day 🙂
      Try my latest upload lessons to help you sing

  4. On the before recording did you think you sounded good at the time, until you heard it back and noticed the pitch differences? Just I sound alright to myself but it sounds somewhat flat recorded.

    1. RnB Singing Lessons

      When I recorded the before and listened back I used to think it was amazing. I really was not aware of being off pitch or off time. It took a slow process of learning about pitch and doing pitch matching that helped me notice what was right and wrong. That’s why I think so many bad singers think they are good. They really believe it, because they are missing that pitch matching ability. (Just a genetic thing, but it can be learnt and overcome)

    1. A lot of practice and consistently recording yourself helps big time.
      I’m also using a tuner to improve my pitch.

  5. I personally like the recording you just ain’t singing forward and it is recorded flat. now it sounds you are singing more in head voice. you had more rasp in the recoding which was great. just from being a graduated in scoring music. the notes were fine on the recording

  6. but you sound good either way just to tell you. I have problems singing riffs and runs and finding a comfortable key since I have a deeper voice as a woman. do you teach with that?

    1. RnB Singing Lessons

      Victoria Hunter I strongly disagree with ur opinion! Sorry. Yes, i teach runs in a progressive way which everyone can get. And i know how to transpose to the appropriate key

    2. RnB Singing Lessons I was speaking of pitch, not runs. I like the rasp more in your recording. the recording itself sound flat. my friend is a professional music producer, I’m a song writer and do music scores, went to performing arts school for music composition. your pitch is nice in our new take, a little Brian McKnight vocals are nice. but I like the weight more in the first vocal recording, sound more meaty and soul. just my opinion. no matter, you are still a fantastic singer and I would definitely take lessons from you

    3. I struggle with runs and riff and yet to have found a teacher to teach me them. they just keep having me sing straight notes and a lot of warm up. so far $300 spent on vocals lessons without ever learning runs or obvious chord closure. I visited your website and was very impressed

    4. I also did not meant to say u don’t know how to find key. I only know I do from singing test. I have composed for an entire Orchestra and play french horn for 12 years and graduated with music honors and also have been tested by music teacher and band leader on my ability to hear keys and pitch and he said I have the ability to be great singer one day with my ear.
      I remember telling everyone that me and u song was flat. and then the singer performed live that way and got disciplined by label for being flat. I know that with me. I am not singing high enough in my soft palate and my deep voice is making it tricky for me:0) but I can hear the key. just the singing technique I do not know. again. I think you are a fantastic teacher. I myself am I gifted poet with much experience and achievement but can write songs as eell.

  7. I listened to the recording again, I like the voice tone, but the singing technique is not as good. the live one technique is much better.

  8. do you offer an consultation lesson and assessment first. I am interested in possibly taking lessons with you. I have a few questions. I will message you

  9. Damn, that was great. Most people I’ve heard don’t sound good without background music. You could definitely pull off acapella.

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