40 thoughts on “Singing and Voice Lessons: Vocal Warmups”

  1. Great tips! These are a few of the things I’ve learned:
    The lips, the teeth, the tip of the tongue.
    Raising your eyebrows and smiling slightly will help hit those high notes
    we don’t think we can hit.

  2. Melodic Harmony

    Your natural look is amazing! And once again, this is the best refresher
    course I can ever have. You’re so awesome!

  3. I used to have voice lessons over many years with several great teachers,
    ages ago. Your videos are really good, great tips for a healthy effortless
    singing technique. Watching you makes me want to revisit my singing voice.
    🙂 <3

  4. Christopher Williams

    I was wondering if you could sing the infamous high E from the phantom of
    the opera. they say it can’t be live. what do you think?

  5. Hi there im a singer and i love singing like 90’s r&b so can u check me out
    and tell me what u think. u also is a great singer and u be helping alot of
    people out.

  6. Can you do a detailed video on breathing I’m having the hardest time of
    getting out of my throat while sing

  7. Debora Collins

    I got so much out of this video. It adds more complexity to some warm ups I
    was already doing and a huge reminder is to keep moving to keep it loose.
    It makes my singing sound much more relaxed and natural, and is more fun &
    keeps me light and loose. Thank you!

  8. Your voice is so beautiful. I appreciate the explanation of the “why”
    behind the tools. Really love that Thanks!

  9. When I sing for a period of time, my voice starts to hurt. And sometimes
    when I’m doing high notes my voice gets quieter and very flat. I need help,
    I think that I am losing my voice.

  10. Theresa Morales

    OK my husband loves to sing but always sings through his nose. He told me
    to ask you how can he stop doing that?

  11. ThePbrook1967

    SO pretty and what a nice voice!!!! Can you give me advice on how to do the
    rifts??? i mean soulful like you and people like Mariah Carey and
    others…. up and down at any given moment? Not sure what it’s called….
    but I always seem to loose breath quickly when i do them

  12. Hey Dileesa! THank you so much for these videos! You have been my voice
    coach for a while lol. I have a concern though. When I vocalize, depending
    on who I’m listening to or singing with, I sing with differing tones of
    voice. Hopefully I’m using this word correctly. I’m not sure which one is
    for me or most comfortable. In other words I really can’t pick between say
    a tone like brandy’s, I can use her technique, or Ariana grande’s
    technique. I can mimic them both just so I can practice my technique but I
    don’t know which sound is the best for my voice. Can you give me any advice
    on this??

  13. Hi Dilessa!

    Don’t know if you remember me, we had a lesson a few months ago. So I’m
    following this lesson, and especially during the hums on slides, I noticed
    that I can “connect” for lack of a better word, but it feels like my voice
    is sort of glitching out around G/A4. Kind of like a crack. Any advice?

  14. mysticmanification

    Tongue tension is the worst! feels like sand paper rubbing against your
    palate. finding the root of the tongue is a weird sensation(that gagging
    sensation you mentioned) it felt like something was going back there and my
    gag reflex did nothing so I just felt “open”.

  15. Dileesa, when I do warm ups, I can no longer ‘feel’ my chords if that makes
    sense? It feels like there’s a lump in my throat and that my voice is
    tired, when it really isn’t if I sing. I sound just fine after the warm up,
    but I don’t like the feeling and I cannot sing naturally because I’m too
    conscious about it. Why is it like that for me?

  16. omg!!! i have been looking for vocal techniques to help me before i can
    find a solid vocal coach!! absolutely love this video after an hour i
    noticed a huge difference in my voice!! thank you so much. I’m a worship
    leader in my church and i feel like my voice hasn’t improved and im always
    singing incorrectly but now i know exactly what i do wrong. im taing these
    techniques to my choir,would you happen to know any good vocal coaches in
    NJ!! i seriously want to go to the next level i love singing

  17. Great video! I have not done vocal warm up in over a year and in glad I
    found your videos! I recieved classical training for 2 1/2 years and I was
    singing and perfoeming often. I took an un wanted break from singing live ,
    performing and recording due to life and I am wanting to pick up where I
    stopped. what advice would you give me on going to te next level with my
    singing career?

  18. Hi Dileesa,
    I have start singing again after many many.
    I’m doing vocal warms up and Im really keen on watching your tutorial
    because it seems to work after a few minutes.
    Really thank you.
    Also I love your add libbing and riffs and runs.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

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