Singers: Great Breath Control Exercise

What is “breath perception” and how do you improve it? Watch and find out.

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  1. Your videos are amazing and very interesting as well, you are helping me a lot! If you have some time please have a look to my videos, I would love to have some advices from you. 🙂

  2. Your breath before the 9 scale was almost imperceptable. There wasn’t even much time between you finishing speaking and starting the scales.The first 3 times I tried the 9 scale, I ran out of air around 6! I had to really take in a lot of air slowly before I could do the full 9. How did you seem to take in so little? OR was it HOW you released the air?

    1. +Jance Kuwait It takes a lot of practice! So be patient. If you’re running out of breath on high notes but not on low notes that means you are pushing way too hard on your high notes. Instead – sing them much softer for a while to get comfortable.

    1. +Desiree Barfield That’s because you’re not letting your body adjust to the different notes you’re singing. If you lock and load your throat and larynx then you’ll only have a small area of pitch that works easily. Just like if you always use the same amount of force with your arm then you’ll only be able to shoot a certain type of basketball shoot. Back off the push and try things at a much lower volume.

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      +Chinasa Faith Did you ask your music director to explain what you should do about it? Because he would be able to see if you’re choking off notes or simply not providing enough breath. Do you have more then one child? How long since the birth of your first? My recommendation is that you explore every exercise I’ve posted on this channel and allow your voice to wobble and sound bad as you do so. Your body has gone through a lot of changes and vocal exercises are a good way to reacquaint yourself with your voice.

  3. Sometimes I just felt so uncomfortable with my breathing , I felt like I don’t have enough air for me to breath normally , and I felt so sticker , what should I do ?

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      If you feel you are healthy enough – exercising your body more will improve your breathing. If you feel you are already in good physical condition – then practice this vocal exercise more.

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      The exercise begins at 5:18 with one scale. At this low volume you should be able to practice this many times a day without any strain or discomfort. So start with three times a day for 15 minutes each time.

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      An hour a day until they are completely second nature. We singers skip past the fundamentals early on and it haunts us later when we’re seeking out the little details.

  4. I think you are a fantastic teacher….I hope people realize how effective your exercises are.I have only done a few buy wow I improved over night…
    …..Thankyou for sharing your knowledge for free…….

  5. Another awsome video, these videos are changing my life also, cant wait to get the book, its in the post, I laso posted a link to the book on facebook 🙂

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