Singers – Get Paid to Sing! Singing in Places of Worship | Church Job

How Singers Get Paid to Sing; Singing in Places of Worship | Church Job–
People are often shocked to learn that there are many churches that pay singers to sing for their services. These “church jobs” can be quite rewarding both professionally and financially if you have the skill set to work on this level. Valerie White Williams breaks down what professional church singers do, what skill set they need and what churches offer the most paid opportunities.


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4 thoughts on “Singers – Get Paid to Sing! Singing in Places of Worship | Church Job”

  1. Insightful video. As a vocalist I’ve had a few church jobs in the past and as you said it is normally in the morning. Lord knows i’m not really a morning person either. As you did mention that you were not a morning person, could you do a video on the steps you took to change that?

    1. Vocal Splendor Studios

      That’s a great idea! With many singing adjudications, singers sometimes need to perform at 8 am! It’s tough!

    1. Vocal Splendor Studios

      It really varies depending on the church size and location. In downtown Seattle, they offered $100 per service but in smaller towns it’s more like $50-$80.

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