SingBabySing® Singing Lesson Tongue 1

Joy at gives a lesson on how the tongue is shaped while singing and breathing.

41 thoughts on “SingBabySing® Singing Lesson Tongue 1”

  1. Thanks. Try watching your jaw in a mirror, keep the tongue forward and then
    make the sound of “aw” and “ee” by quickly alternating between the 2 of
    them without letting your jaw move or your tongue to pull backwards.

  2. Edith skinner stated that to sing schwa or mid vowels,we need to arch
    /raise our the middle tongue into the relation between soft /hard palate.
    Does it mean we aim the tongue into the ‘border’ between hard and soft
    palate. Which specific articulator do we need to arc it?Thanks 4 ur advise.

  3. Edith Skinner stated that to sing SCHWA /MID VOWELS, we need to arch /raise
    the middle tongue into the relation between soft /hard palate. Does it mean
    we aim the tongue into the ‘border’ between hard and soft palate? Which
    specific articulator do we need to arch the tongue? Thank you.

  4. thank you very much for the video! i was having trouble trying to get the
    tongue right. only after watching your video did i realize that i was
    singing with my tongue too far back in the mouth. so thanks again the video
    really helped 😀

  5. I love your sense of humor. It’s quite relaxing, and the lessons very
    helpful. thank you so much. You remind me of Julie Andrews. When you put
    your record at the end of your clips, the image of von trap family appears
    in my head. Instantly. hehe

  6. Wow your lessons are very helpful! I had a voice coach for 7 years that did
    not do much good for me. After I watched your videos, I was amazed at how
    much better I was doing with the overall quality and sound of my voice. I
    want to thank you especially for that meditation-mmm exercise, I have
    audtitions for a singing chorale tomorrow, and I think if I do that a few
    times, I might actually be able to relax! Thanks for all of your help!

  7. thanks for your help :] that mmm exercise and all your other videos helped
    me to improve my knowledge on singing and helped me relax and helped me
    make a really high honored chorale at my school. thanks so much

  8. I had trouble with it when I was first learning about the muscles in the
    tongue. I had to do all kinds of silly things to figure it out. The problem
    is that we are not used to being aware of the muscles we use in singing. Be
    sure to use a mirror and keep focusing your mind on the muscles in the
    middle of the tongue and never give up!

  9. that was really good! i was getting a very slight popping feeling in my
    throat going into lower notes, but not when i do that exercise, so much
    better and smoother! yeah!!!!

  10. Man, I love you, you’re great. What a wonderful teacher you are, I’d love
    to be a pupil of yours. Thanks for these videos, they’re very helpful.

  11. Oh thanks. Sorry to take so long to get back to you. I had that major move
    this year and it really threw off my stuff for awhile. But I’m working so
    hard to be able to offer more help so please stay in touch as I continue to
    put more things together for singing lessons online.

  12. Well, that’s true when what a person is saying is negative, especially
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  13. softlyserenademe

    ahh I love these I have never been able to afford voice lessons to improve
    on my singing voice and I really need to get some proper structured
    technique so I appreciate these videos!

  14. Hola Gracias por subir este tipo de vodeos en lo personal me sirven mucho y
    no hablo ingles pero, entiendo un poquito….. y tus gestos me ayudan a
    entender mejor……. soy de El Salvador…. y tengo 18 años estoy
    iniciandome en esto del canto…. y este tipo de videos me sirven mucho….
    Ademas me pareces muy simpatica….. y es facil entenderte…

  15. It looks more like a flat tongue, i thought flat tongue position can ruin a
    voice and the best position for singing is the NG one! I know i couldn’t
    sing in this concave position though.

  16. I bought your Singing Tongue video and the exercises really help me release
    tension, but I can’t seem for the life of me to have my tongue make a
    defined concave form, with a dip down the center and the sides visibly up.
    Many of the singers I admire use the same tongue position and it makes me
    wonder if my inability is hindering me from getting my desired tone and
    more fullness in head voice…Is it possible that some people can’t make
    this tongue shape? and is it really necessary?

  17. This is an EXCELLENT question! Before I answer it, I want to thank you
    again for buying the Singing Tongue lesson! The quick answer is to let go
    of ANYTHING that is causing you stress about the position of your tongue.
    There is controversy about the importance of the concave position but I
    definitely feel that it gives the most power in the long run. It took me
    quite a bit of time to do this for myself when I was taking singing
    lessons, but perhaps I need to create a followup digital lesson?

  18. Wow, I can’t believe I just saw your comment. My apologies! I actually had
    to go through some serious surgery this spring and have only just now been
    able to get back to this site. Again, my apologies. The answer is that
    anything that makes you tighten up (with worry, anxiety, frustration,
    uncertainty, etc.) does not work for singing. So, if you are having trouble
    with the concave tongue part, the first thing is to not stress over it.
    I’ll see if I can find a way to write you more directly.

  19. No worries (see comment below by wildcataosw). The most important part
    about your tongue in singing to relax it by keeping it forward. It is used
    to form vowels and you sing on the vowels. Also, you can get more info and
    help at my singingmastermind website. When you go there, type tongue in the
    search box and you’ll find things to help you.

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