SingBabySing® Singing Lesson – Slow Leaky Tire 1

Joy at gives part 1 of a breathing exercise designed to control the amount of breath you let out so that you can control your voice better.

42 thoughts on “SingBabySing® Singing Lesson – Slow Leaky Tire 1”

  1. Glad to be of assistance. I hope you’ll go to my website and ready about
    breathing there. Oh, and be sure to tell your family and friends about
    these things! Thanks.

  2. Do them as often as you feel comfortable doing them. Sometimes close your
    eyes and just feel what’s going on around your vocal cords, your jaw and
    tongue. Keep as relaxed as possible and totally enjoy!

  3. SingingFighterKid

    Am I glad to see this!! You’re doing a wonderful job on this! Erm…I have
    a question…could you answer it? Although I’m hitting the right note, the
    sound that comes out isn’t sharp and clear. I don’t know what’s wrong.

  4. This is a really important observation. What our voice sounds like to us
    inside of our heads is very different from it sounds like in the outside
    world. If you haven’t already done so, read the articles that I have on my
    website redesign section and try applying the info from them & recording
    yourself to see if anything makes a difference.

  5. hi! i tried doing this and i can do it fine but i was wondering could you
    listen to me singing and could you tell me what i need to improve
    on..thankyou. please leave a comment on my profile. 😀

  6. SingingFighterKid

    🙂 Thanks. Btw, i’m going to record my singing and upload it on
    youtube…would you check it ou for me??? It’ll really help if you do.
    Thanks for everything. 🙂

  7. Hi. I only answer from this site, sorry about that. But I did watch your
    video (the visual part didn’t play though). Here are a couple of pointers:
    work on getting your pitches absolutely clear. Scales will help. Also, it’s
    easy to pop the “p” sound into a mike when singing, so watch out for that.

  8. Great questions. There’s an odd thing in singing that requires both tension
    and relaxation at the same time, both with breathing and phonation (making
    sound). The main thing with the exhale is to let it out evenly, without
    large bursts all at once. This requires control but not locking your
    abdominal area with tension. Check my article called Joy’s Breathing on my
    website. There’s a fantastic link there that shows the diaphragm in motion
    from the Stough Institute that can help you.

  9. ive been doing alot of ur diaphragm techniques but instead of my stomache
    going out when i breath in its when i breath out.. wat should i do?? also.
    if ur diaphragm gets stronger would that make the voice richer cause when i
    sing i cant reallly make it like more rich its just like a flat sound.?? i
    have a lot of questions :]

  10. Better breath control (stronger diaphragm and knowing how to control it)
    will produce a better voice. Try this: lie flat on your back with your
    hands at your sides. Uncross your legs. Just breath. Don’t think about what
    you should or shouldn’t do. Let the muscles do what they naturally do. Now
    rest your hands over your belly and just breath. Observe what happens.
    Next, put a book where your hands were and breath again. What happens?

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  12. this is a reply to my own comment, but… it helps A LOT for me to do this
    on my back and then when I get the stream, I’ll sit up and try to keep it
    as long as I can. I do the dog pant twice for one minute and I do the slow
    leaky tire twice as long as I can after the dog pant… four sets of each

  13. Hi, Have you watched my dog pant video yet? That helps to show what happens
    with the stomach area when the breathing is natural and how you can
    increase your voice power by increasing your breath power.

  14. Amazing video! How long do we have to practice like this everyday? Any
    number of optimal sets that we can do? Is something too much and can hurt
    you in the long run? 20 min? 30 min? More?Less? Thanks for all the help!

  15. Thanks for your kind comment! Good questions too! In fact, they are so good
    that it will take too many words to answer it here. So, I’ll answer it with
    a blog article at my SingingMasterMind blog site. Youtube won’t let me type
    the URL in this reply but you can find it at the top right side of my
    channel or by googling “singingmastermind” as one word. I hope you don’t
    mind that I use your Youtube name in that article. Go to the site, click on
    the blog tab & you should see your answers there.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

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