SingBabySing® Nasal Singing Lesson

Joy at shows you what causes a nasal voice and how you can improve your singing with her free voice tips.

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  1. followfornothing

    i was impressed by your help here but when you did the nasally voice you sounded like nelson from the simpsons do me a favor shoot another video and with the nasal voice for me just go HA HA like nelson

  2. im not sure if my random singing and screaming is helping my voice get better or worse. i try to sing and match pitch, key or what ever it is i think i have a good ear. and i take advice like this very seriously…..but should i stop singing until i can get an official voice lessons. im afraid of ruining my voice because i dont know how to controll it well yet. please respond. dont have much cash for lessons yet. and thanks for your advice.

  3. harveyandabeni

    i dont sound naselly when i sing, i cant sing high notes! on all of my favourite disney songs, like off little mermaid and pocahontas, they go from really low, to really high straight away! i cant do this! if u know how, and ig gu have time, could you make a video showing what is the best teqnuiqes pleasee? i would be so grateful because ur a wonderful teacher! [and i have subscribed] i am 14, and i would like to get to ur age [25? 🙂 ] and still be able to sing!

  4. I have a very nasally voice… and no teacher has ever taught me anything to get around it… its almost like I can’t keep the muscle memory to make the sound not resonate through my sinus. Any exercises you would recommend?

  5. I have a different request for you 🙂 I hope you don’t mind… I used to be hearing impaired when I was a kid, and that made me learn how to speak wrong I guess. My problem is that I don’t feel like I have a strong voice. I’m a big man but I don’t have a voice to prove it. Whenever I’m around a group of people, they won’t understand what I say when there’s noise arond, but they don’t have problems understanding themselves in the same situation. What could I do to project my voice better? Thanks!

  6. “If you wanna use your voice strongly beautifully with great joy for your entire life, then im telling you, you have to set you foundation in such a way you reserve it!” Great advice.

  7. reynaldomonterrey

    of kourse!!!..if u kan answer,do u thing i kan praktice singing everyday as long as i stay in my tessitura,or just the vokal exsrcises n skales? or not everyday if u r so kind!!!

  8. liked it very much, regarding of chin movements and toungue as long as you are a singing expertise, why each time when i watch whitney houston singing live her chin moves alot and her tongue inside moves as pulsing in one rythem. i know i’m a good singer but my tongue isn’t not moving as hers when i sing the same note. any opinion?

  9. sp there isn’t any method that says chin or tongue should move in a proper way. sometimes i use my chin to bring up some melodies specially when singing whitney’s “learned from the best” after the “say goodbye x2” part, may i have an opinion regarding this?

  10. Ok here’s a question: I can sing one way where I can hear my voice very loudly in my head. The sound is very strong and focused, but it has very little vibrato, although it does not feel ‘tight’. (This is based on the ‘nyeh’ sound)

    The other way is to keep as open as possible and push out on the lower back, which can produce some nice soaring notes.

    My question is this: which is healthiest and which projects better?

  11. @singbabysing wut does it exactly mean to be “naturally nasal”. I am struggling with nasal sounding voice, not only in singing but talking too. I’m not sure whether its due to too much air flowing above the soft palate or too little air. Is it possible that the area above my soft palate is too congested with mucus due to allergies, or that my soft palate does not form a perfect seal when it closes and leaves an unwanted gap for air to flow into the sinus area.
    you can be my godsend savior?

  12. thanks a lot for your advice I really appreciate. I will focus on releasing the tension and tell you what happens. It was really nice to know that the nasal sound is not because of my allergies 🙂

  13. @singbabysing i focused hard on releasing throat tension and i noticed an improvement in my sound with less nasality. Also, i combined this with pinching my nose shut with my fingers and singing open vowels a,e,i,o,u and i noticed right away how my nose and thus fingers vibrate when i sing these vowels incorrectly. I adjusted by sending the resonance lower and more back so that my nose didn’t vibrate. I practiced this and sang with open nose and i did not sound nasal at all. Finally! :D:D:D

  14. Thank you so much for clarifying this for me! I have been confused for so long. I learned the bad habit of “pinching off” the nasal cavity because I used to have bad episodes of post nasal drip. When I finally learned to relax it let it resonate, singing became so much easier, and my range extended significantly. I still “pinch” in a few places in different registers, but I think I’m starting to get the hang of it. Thank you so much for taking the mystery out of this for me. God Bless.

  15. hi, ive got something wrong with my nose which basically means i have quite a stuffed up nose all the time. would this be why i have a nasally voice? im having a operation on it soon to get rid of it.

  16. hi i have a nasal sound especially on the lower notes for some reason.. i know for a fact that i have sinus year long allergies that keep my nasal cavities congested. when i use a decongestant my tone improves… however not as much as i would like. what do u advise me to do? my nasal quality is hindering my progress a lot.. wuts the point of increasing my range if the tone is not attractive

  17. @singbabysing thanks a lot for your response.. I have a follow up question: for consonents such as “ng” and “m” and “n” wouldnt congestion/blocked nose or a deviated septum make the sound nasally in this case? thanks

  18. I like nasal singing, I don’t really have a problem with it. But when I sing, I just can’t produce a nasal sound in singing if I tried…

  19. how can you get a nasal sound when your soft palate is pressed back? it should seal off the nasal cavity, sorry this makes no sense to me, could you explain that?

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