Sing You To Sleep ASMR RP [Tingly Pillows] “Baby Birch” & “The Moon Song”

Hi, sleepy heads. How long has it been since I’ve gotten a singing rp request? I never knew how to do it right but I found the favorite song perfect to sing to you guys so then it came easily after that.
These songs are very close to my heart and I hope you like it.

Joanna Newsom’s “Baby Birch” 3:53, 21:06
Karen O’s “The Moon Song” 14:57, 17:19

Edit: The second time I sang Baby Birch, the high notes were too high, so it’s looped. I really wanted to make this an hour long for you guys. Let me know if you’d appreciate that.

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43 thoughts on “Sing You To Sleep ASMR RP [Tingly Pillows] “Baby Birch” & “The Moon Song””

  1. It has been *forever* since you made a lullaby roleplay, so I’m jumping out and about with glee. This will definitely be the video that puts me to sleep tonight. As always, thanks a million!

  2. I’m studying for an exam that I’m taking in less than 4 hours. I’ve decided to put this on in the background. I really hope I don’t fall asleep and miss it bruh hahaha

  3. The melody felt a bit depressing(wasn’t paying much attention to the lyrics but it didnt seem that happy funfun either) so wasn’t that great for me i couldn’t relax but the voice itself is great and would probably enjoy it if there was some other kind of songs ^^

  4. This was just fantastic, the brushing went so well with the singing, i got so much tingles in my right ear and right down my sides havent had that in a long while. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ

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