Sing, Sing, Sing – John Pizzarelli / Jeff Hamilton 2000

Guitar: John Pizzarelli 7:18, Piano: Ray Kennedy 2:36, Bass: Martin Pizzarelli, Drums: Jeff Hamilton 5:36

51 thoughts on “Sing, Sing, Sing – John Pizzarelli / Jeff Hamilton 2000”

  1. Wow 😮 these guys were smoking – I love how Jeff Hamilton interjects his M16 burst-style drum rolls, the guy is a legend . 👏👍

  2. Benny Goodman fans like me always thought that Jess Stacy played the consummate piano solo on this tune at Goodman’s 1938 jazz concert at Carnegie Hall. Ray Kennedy’s solo is fabulous! He even plays on the changes to the tune’s bridge (plus invoking the old Dixieland tune, “That’s a Plenty” at 4:55). Jess (as well as Goodman and his other soloists) pretty much stuck with composer Louis Prima’s chorus. Thanks for posting this.

  3. Spectacular! Would it not have been better for the drums to have been on the other side of the piano with the bass for better communication? The guitarist in the front.

  4. I noticed that you privatized Eric Miyashiro’ s Sailor Moon rendition. Are you able to upload it to YouTube again at some point? Also this rendition of Sing ,Sing ,Sing is incredible!

    1. Bosphorous. That’s what Jeff was playing at that time, and he was part owner of the company. Underneath you can see the logo.

    2. DrumPhil65 yeah I see it… thought he might be playing Dream cymbals cuz ppl in the know realize how great they are…. like an industry secret.
      Check out the Dream vintage bliss 22” ride…. better than a k custom and can find used for 150 or less

  5. Jeff used/uses Remo drums! I think the ones he’s using here are the pulp/resin shells. They sound Great! But it’s hard to find older kits with undamaged bearing edges because they occasionally collapsed. They worked great for a while. Remo stopped using that formula I believe

  6. classichokkaido


  7. The most sophisticated version of this song. Hamilton is so amazing incredible yet tasteful at the same time.

  8. Roy Beckerman

    Just shows what the little Remo kit can do.
    No big drums required here.
    Like to know what measurements the drums are.

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