Sing high in CHEST voice (Brendon Urie SINGING tips..)

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42 thoughts on “Sing high in CHEST voice (Brendon Urie SINGING tips..)”

  1. Incredible video Carl. I agree with you that learning to sing in a narrow position for your vowels is important before you open up wide to get that nice, huge belt sound. That is how I increase my chest voice range from a previous ceiling of E4 to Ab4-A4 as a baritone.

  2. Rodrigo Guimarães Rosa

    If you singing of this way for a long time, you will be tired very fast. I’d rather sing using the head voice. Unless you go sing only one song, in this case, that’s ok.

  3. Personally it feels like you’re singing a lot more forward than him even with your analyses of his vocals. Like you said, very few singers use that thick tone like he does so it is understandable. He took a lot of inspiration from Sinatra with his singing.

  4. you are the best man, seriously, I don’t need to follow another teacher. I have breakthroughs all the time sometimes by just watching your videos for 30seconds or a minute . Im so glad you were in that taxi testing out sounds, we are all benefitting

  5. TheAnimatorWhosbad

    Ok here’s the thing.
    It’s extremely hard to sing like Brendon, and I’m not just saying that, it’s probably because Brendon has specific genes and sometimes you’re born with a muscle in your lungs which can make your vocal range shoot throught the roof, which not many people have (I know this cause I have the muscle thing; not as well as brendons tho) So the best advice would be to keep trying to king what you were made to sing and to try to not kill yourself trying to sing like Brendon. Cause like I said, it’s extremely hard and tbh It’s not worth it and you should look at tips to sing high instead. But it’s still an amazing video if you wanna sound like him so idk

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...