Sing Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’ by Learning Octave Jumps

(No new videos will be posted on this channel) If you want to learn how to sing ‘Perfect’ by Ed Sheeran then today’s vid is for you. I’ll show you how to master those tricky octave jumps that he sings in the chorus.

Nicola x

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31 thoughts on “Sing Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’ by Learning Octave Jumps”

  1. Leonida Ostermayer-Lunag

    Do e dear a female dear 🎻🎻🎻πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯

  2. Heather Nissa Ragonese

    I am curious about what issues you are having to endure due to your health? I find that on days that my inflammation is at its worst that I struggle to keep my breathing controlled adequately. It would be wonderful if you were to have some videos about singing and health issues if you don’t already. Also, have you tried DMSO? It helps with inflammation tremendously, I haven’t thought to notice if it does anything for vocal health:)

  3. Hello. I wanted to ask you a question.
    What vocal register is Ed using to reach the high notes in Perfect?
    Because to me he sounds like he’s in his chest voice..?
    And if so, how can you bring it that high without getting fatigued and pain in your throat?

    Thank you in advance !

  4. Kristin Mathewson

    Okay so you helped me find my problem in the first 4 minutes. I was missing the glottal stop. SO thank you. I did still watch the entire video. And I have to say I am impressed and I admire your strength and tenacity through an RA diagnoses. I wish you the very best. Mindfulness meditation is excellent for chronic pain and illness.

  5. Hi,
    Rheumatoid arthritis can be cured by alkalizing the body. Your body is very acidic if you have rheumatoid arthritis (or any chronic disease) and your acidity/alkalinity is determined by your blood type.
    1. Find out what blood type you are
    2. Eat only the foods that are alkaline to your blood type
    3. Watch in amazement as your inflammation goes down (you may need to stop taking medication first before you’re able to get better as most medication is acidic)
    4. End medication and heal your body from the damage the medication has caused
    Side note: No medication will reverse rheumatoid arthritis, only you can by alkalizing your body (think of a fish tank that needs the perfect balance of alkalinity to sustain life – if the water becomes acidic the fish and plants will become sick and eventually DIE because the water has not become corrected. With our bodies being made up mostly of water this principle certainly applies to us too!)
    Good luck!

  6. I am having a problem in singing the part “dancing in the dark”.I can’t take my voice that high after singing the part “baby i’m”which can be easily sung without putting much stress on my throat.Please help me with that as I have my auditions in two weeks.

  7. Hi, Thanks but as male, when I try to sing “DANCING in dark”, my voice can’t seem to reach the high G# note without going into falsetto. I managed to hit it using Mixed voice but it doesnt sound as powerful as Ed… :”( please help

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