Silent Night-Sing and Play- Fingerpicking For Beginners Lesson 1

Sing and Fingerpick SILENT NIGHT- For Beginners Lesson 1 Sheet Music, Tab and Flow Chart is here:

In this first lesson 1 of this Christmas Song Series, we are going to learn a very BASIC Fingerstyle/ rhythm pattern that is intended as accompaniment to sing to.
Silent Night is a very easy and straightforward Christmas Classic that contains 3 main chords- in this case we are learning Silent Night in the key of G.

The fingerpicking pattern we are using here is in 3/4 Waltz time. Learn this pattern and you will be able to play nearly any song in this time signature.

Included in this lesson is a PDF download of the chords, words and tab. Also included is a fingerpicking flow chart which shows what fingers we use on the right hand, the rhythm of the song, quick reference of the strings we are plucking and the counting.

This Lesson 1 is a prelude to more advanced fingerpicking for Silent Night but is just perfect for those of you that want to sing. Lesson 2 is going also include the melody notes with slightly more intense chord voicings.

Silent Night lyrics with guitar chords and guitar (melody) notes are also included and the student is encouraged to try to sing along and play. But it’s very important to start slow with the guitar first, and then work your way up to playing and singing at the same time.

12 thoughts on “Silent Night-Sing and Play- Fingerpicking For Beginners Lesson 1”

  1. The guitar angle is just brilliant, In fact perfect and the change over cords you explained is much better even thou I am still struggling with C to G and or visur versa. I keep catching other strings it’s so tormenting.

  2. Hi Bob, thanks for the lesson ! Don’t want to be a party pooper, but the new view to me looks harder, def for me, maybe even for you, lol. Being a certified stuck in the mud, I’d dump it, sorry, just one opinion.

  3. I think it is good to see it both ways, It gives you more perspective what you are actually trying to accomplish. Probably not saying this right, Thankyou for everything

  4. What a wonderful surprise and Christmas gift, Bob. Without doubt, the TRUE Santa Claus is YOU! :-)) !
    It’s so stimulating to realize that after more or less assimilating Amazing Grace, it’s possible to approach other songs with the same chords and pattern, just by changing their progression. If I am not mistaken, we have this sequence: Gx4, Dx2, Gx2, Cx2, Gx2, Cx2, Gx2, Dx2, Gx2, Gx1, Dx1, Gx2, which are 24 measures. The top-down view is particularly effective and relevant. Your further lessons and videos are amazingly enticing!!!

  5. Thank you for this lesson , your singing is really good . I am so used to the other way of doing the videos, please do not remove the online tab but if everyone else likes it . I’ll get used to it.
    I am just struggling singing and changing chords. there are too many things to do left hand, right hand and remembering the lyrics. hopefully I’ll get there .

  6. I like the video format, tab above and guitar below with same orientation. The only thing to make it better would be able to download or print sheet music. Thanks, Bob, enjoying your lessons very much!!!

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