“Seth riggs” Speech Level Singing with seth riggs lesson Suhwanjeong 정수환.mp4

“Seth riggs” Speech Level singing “with Seth riggs 세스릭스”

SLS Korean Instructor Level 1 Suhwan Jeong [정수환]

Voice Cure Vocal Studio [보이스큐어 보컬스튜디오]


42 thoughts on ““Seth riggs” Speech Level Singing with seth riggs lesson Suhwanjeong 정수환.mp4”

  1. Asians can still training so much they want will always look dull on the
    International stage, assuming they get that far!Saves you money and gets
    you prefer a Tamagotchi!

  2. OK honestly ive done these exercises. And it does nothing when you want to
    have a big gigantic full voice. I mean listen to his voice during the first
    workout. it sounded held back.and caged.

  3. haters gonna hate. we got talent and we give everything we got to get to
    that point. if you’re gonna write in english, learn the language first

  4. Gabriela Cegolea

    ….E questo sarebbe “cantare”? NO ! e’solo un emanare suoni( rumori) in
    maniera errata ( a gola e fiato strozzati)…

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    sing well try Panlarko Sing Fast Planner(do a google search ) ? Ive heard
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  6. So now that the singer can hit quiet notes correctly, he can progressively enhance in quantity till he is again to a traditional level.

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