Screaming Vocal Lesson: Your Voice isn’t Going to Sound Like That Record

Just a quick little run through of how I can use a computer to make my screams (arguably) less shitty while seasonal allergies mug me every time I get outside. Please excuse the construction zone and internal mac audio.

41 thoughts on “Screaming Vocal Lesson: Your Voice isn’t Going to Sound Like That Record”

  1. Wow.
    Dude I play halo with Aaron XD
    And now i’m, learning to scream from you…

    and I know he left but still.

  2. redflagforfights

    Thanks for this video! It provides a lot of context for the vocalist (and
    anyone else interested) that I don’t think they could get on their own by
    comparing records and live bands/covers they have seen.

    Surprised this hasn’t gotten a little more attention considering how many
    viral “how to scream” videos I’ve seen. 

  3. SonderProductions

    This was so helpful thank you for making this! I think I need to add more
    distortion to my recordings cause I already EQ and compress them… If you
    (or anyone really) could check out one of my videos and critique it a bit
    that would be amazing 

  4. Army of the Ankh

    Loving the video and the corgi silently staring and watching from the
    corner of the room. Cool video and cool dog XD

  5. lots of sinus infections is usually due to a deviated septum. you should
    get it check out bro! also I struggled with scream vocals for a long time
    as well until I got on a mic and figured out what sounds good. not as far
    as mastering, compression desser, ect. but the actual ability to replay
    what i was screaming and critiquing myself along the way. what you hear in
    your ear isn’t what you hear out of a speaker or in hq headphones. If
    anyone has access to a daw at home i would tell you to absolutely do it
    and it will help wonders!

  6. Great Vid! I always try to match the lows of bands like Asking Alexandria
    or the highs of Attack Attack’s first album ( or high’s of Asking
    Alexandria’s second album). Now I know that I will never match these guys
    solely by natual ability because of studio quality. Thanks for the vid!

  7. Pringus Jerry-Wagon

    I have a question, I may sound EXTREMELY dumb. So I apologize, but when you
    layer? Do you scream the exact same thing twice and put them on top of
    eachother? I’m just wondering. Thank you! 🙂 AND I SUBSCRIBED

  8. Hi Ricky, great vid with some cool tips that I have already used… nice
    one… one question for you in Logic Pro how do you layer?

  9. Ben anonnimous (Cracken)

    Uhm… when I scream I sound like the record. Like… not with layers or
    anything, but definitely pretty close. I kinda sound like a combination of
    Jesse leach from killswitch engage (old records) and the dude from parkway
    drive. You don’t need that many effects to sound good.

  10. NotSoFriendlyKid

    Is this the same way with people that use high cleans like Asking
    Alexandria.. because his highs are amazing on the studio tracks and just
    absolutely insane… but on stage hes not that good, its not on point, he
    sings really different.

  11. Lucifers Drive

    I feel confident with my screams but not my cleans. My cleans are always
    pitchy, but i will murder some screams.

  12. i can’t totally understand every step.
    I recorded all the instrumental ( by me ) of by myself – linkin park. I’m
    just trying to record the chester parts and i hate how the recording sounds
    like. I was searching for this kind of tutorial but i cannot follow it
    whole. My bad should probably that i recorded the vocal by a guitar mic (
    shure sm57 ) and that my software is garageband (lol). May you help me with
    some advice? i would really appreciate, maybe a skype talk if you’d like.
    cheers, i’m your 950 ^^


    Wow thank fucking god someone finally did a video showing how this is, I
    never had anyone explain this to me so for the longest time when I started
    out I thought I was never good. But eventually when I found out its just
    the way it sounds if I’m doing raw vocals. I really appreciate this vid ✌

  14. Haha! I guess I’m doing pretty fuckin good then, I didn’t like my raw track
    but I see thats just how they come out eh?

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  16. Did you record your vocals with the sm7b? Do you prefer dynamic mics, or
    using condenser mics with a db pad? Thanks in advance, and your screams are

  17. just bought the x1 SE microphone, cause i want to record heavy metal vocals
    but when it comes to the right programmes to use im stuck! any help ?

  18. Extrem Sport BiH

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  19. This boosted my confidence so much. I track my vocals this weekend, and I
    was so nervous until I watched this.

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  21. As a vocalist. I prefer bands to use the least amount of compression and
    layering as possible.
    I just like to feel what the vocalist is doing with his voice.
    If ya get me..
    Fuck it, i wanna hear the voice crack idgaf

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

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