(Remake) How To Sing Like Ariana Grande! | AmaZane Channel

You better read the disclaimers! lol. Don’t skip the ending, it’s lit.
But In this video, I reiterated the tutorial on how to sing like Ariana Grande.
1. The original video was one of my favorite videos to make
2. It was a horrendous setup. (Music, lighting, etc.)
3. You weren’t able to hear me well in the last video
4. I didn’t do whistle/headvoice in here, because I did the same exact thing in the other video.

OTHER How To Sing Like Ariana Grande:

Anyways, thank you again for 10,000 subscribers!
When we reach 25k, I will be doing a SINGER’S GIVEAWAY PACKAGE.

Contents: All the essential needs for a singer.
-Throat Coat Tea
-Fidget Cube (Performance anxiety)
– (Have anything else in mind?)
– *Bonus Autograph

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26 thoughts on “(Remake) How To Sing Like Ariana Grande! | AmaZane Channel”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS ZANE!!! You deserve every single view, like, comment (except for hate comments) and subscriber! There’s many years to come and I wish you the best of luck! //Azra

  2. Kaylee Orourke

    💜 sc- Kayleekatz 😌
    You hit those notes sooo
    good 😱

  3. Sharlisse Tizon

    im ariana fan thanks for this video and ur other videos also makes my voice even better thannkksskssss

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