(Re)Learning How to Sing and Overhauling Singing Technique

In this video, I talk about coming to the realization that, after having revised my artistic goals, my existing technique was no longer serving my (new) artistic needs. So, I had to overhaul my technical approach to singing in response. It’s a frustrating and discouraging process, but we can stay motivated by remembering a few things that I list in this video.

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5 thoughts on “(Re)Learning How to Sing and Overhauling Singing Technique”

  1. It’s really really nice to hear this from another voice teacher because being unstable in my voice constantly makes me question if I should be teaching… I’m crossing over from classical to pop and I learned that I did not know how to use my chest or mix voice properly at all so it’s been a slow process with a lot of instability and voice cracking lol. It’s weird because I feel I have much less control of my voice now but I know I’m going toward a better result in the long run.

    1. Oh my goodness! Your story sounds so much like my own. Until a few years ago, I had no chest mix at all. And I’ve had exactly the same questions and doubts. Hang in there!

  2. I am always frustrated! I love my baroque music but I don’t think I can sing it well. So I resort back to 80’s pop music or pop music in general. I have truly not found my passion for singing so I keep poking around with different genres of music.

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