Pt. 1 How To Sing Like BTS Save Me – Voice Teacher & Opera Director reacts, analyzes, and teaches

Part One : How To Sing Like BTS Save Me – Voice Teacher, Performance Coach, & Opera Stage Director Dr. Marc Reynoldsreacts, analyzes, and teaches how to sing and perform like the top performers in the world.

Part 2 : Link to part 2 will be added when the video is public.

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Live Perf:

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47 thoughts on “Pt. 1 How To Sing Like BTS Save Me – Voice Teacher & Opera Director reacts, analyzes, and teaches”

    1. Dr. Marc Reynolds

      Yes. I was just thinking about one I could do yesterday. Mariah is difficult though because copyright bots jump right on her stuff

  1. Sabrina bangtan

    It feels weird and uncomfortable watching u react to them at the same time, so can u please next time react to the live one separately and the music video separately too

    1. This is an analysis video, not a reaction one, he compares how the performance and song done in live compared to the video

    2. Dr. Marc Reynolds

      I usually do but some people like this way too and it gives me some things to talk about that can’t otherwise. I hear you though. Most of my videos will probably not be two at once if nothing else than this way takes a lot more time to put together

    3. Rosannasfriend

      It’s funny, because when I see you were doing a double reaction I tend to groan in the inside. But then I watch the two videos separately in their original form, and then I come back here, and I realize that this format of analyzing isn’t so difficult to watch after all. LOL. But that’s not going to stop me from groaning and expecting it to be difficult the next time ! Lmao

    4. Rosannasfriend

      My tip to anybody reading is to please watch the original videos first. Always makes it much easier to get into this stuff.

  2. I do really like watching your reactions, but I’ve got to say I’m not really fond of the way you watched the performance and music video simultaneously.

    1. This is an analysis, not first time reaction video, he saw the mv and the live beforehand to do this breakdown of the two for the sake of education

    2. GramGramGram I see. I thought he was analyzing both videos seeing them for the first time at the same time.

    3. Dr. Marc Reynolds

      No. Often I will do that but just by the nature of the beast I have to edit them together first and by default watch them and think through the topics I want to discuss. So – the double videos are not first time watches where the single videos usually are. I could see why it would bother you if I was watching them both for the first time this way.

  3. There’s a crucial detail that you may not know? The live performance wasn’t of Save Me, but of Save Me/I’m fine! It tells a story. First part: Save Me (an older song), last part. I’m Fine (they released it last year). Meaning you’re missing the last part of the performance! You missed the ending hehe I mean, there’s a purpose for both performances to be together, as you must know by now, BTS pays great attention to their story-telling/story-line. Nothing’s casual or by chance!

  4. In Korea, artists often promote their new music by participating in music shows, since they (and other artists) do the same dance/s and song/s again and again, there’s probably a need in variety for both the viewer and (maybe themselves) , so I think this is where the 5% comes to play – they switch up sets and custumes as well as that you called small nuances, so that it will be interesting for the fans watching them as well to non fans who watch the music shows.

  5. I think the reason the live is so subdued and not as dramatic is because it does switch to im fine. They want all your focus to be on the fact that these two songs go together and are telling a story together so instead of watching them they want you to focus on the song so it can switch seamlessly (im fine is the backwards sped up version of save me). This is a rare case where the songs have all the power when telling the story instead of BTS or the choreography.

  6. I actually like this side by side view – but also love the solo reactions.
    thank you for taking the time!

  7. Setting is key. I think the intent of the Live performance was to make it more intimate (“conversational”) because there is an audience/receiver of the message already. People are already focused on them. Camera zoom allows them to make the plea to be saved more sincere. Meanwhile, the stylized movements in the MV is due to the vastness of the sand dunes. Like being stuck at sea that you need big movements to get notice and be “saved”. 🤸‍♂️💜

  8. Arcadia Reads

    I watch more the live version. I love their MVs (Save Me is a one take MV which I find really cool), but watching them at the same time my attention goes to the live version. I love seem them live, I think it shows best their effort and talent (mvs also show it, but in a different way I think) and also the audience is THERE and BTS are the kind of artists that truly knows how to connect with the audience 🙂

  9. thanks for doing this song! it’s one of my favorites by bts. definitely more engaged by the live performance. the colors and setting of the video make it less engaging for me.

    regarding the question of bigger vs more restrained in the live, the korean music shows are partially for the live audience, but also they are tv performances with choreographed cameras, etc. with the cooperation of the cameras, us viewers can really catch the more subtle actions and expressions, at least in the parts that are meant to be close up.

    anyway, thanks for the video!

  10. Actually live performance catching almost all of my attention. Maybe it is colors that is more vivid that catches my eyes, or maybe because live video is placed above MV video. And I seen that MV countless times so live is more fresh.

  11. Non mi piacciono i BTs, per adolescenti. Abbiamo avuto 20 anni fa boy band ,tante,troppe,alcune buone, questo è un prodotto commerciale,noioso e già visto. Capisco che fare analisi su questi dia visualizzazioni ai suoi video ma la prego Dr Marc, Lei è sprecato per questo. Sorry..

  12. Hey Dr. Marc I noticed that you watched and analyzed all the singers of BTS except for Jin and his solo song Epiphany. I would love for you to watch and talk about his performance because it is one of my favorites. I have a fancam that captures the whole performance and I will link it below in the reply. I am looking forward to what you may take away and explain further upon when you watch it. Thank you in advance for if you do the video.

  13. that live performance was to showcase “I am fine” (new song but linked to “save me”). If you had chosen a performance of “save me” from 2016, the live would have been much more powerful.

  14. The live stage versions may differ between when they first performed them and later ones, in tensions & interpretations. Also, some shows require pre-recordings, and some shows request more live sounds. It’s likely there are numerous clips for each song, so don’t hesitate to ask your subscribers for recommendations on clips that show more of what you’re looking for – much ahead of time!

  15. Lancelot Price

    I watched the ‘live’ one. The colour drew me. (And I wanted to know the colour of each member’s hair. [heh]) And the feel is different with live, more spontaneous and adventurous, perhaps, which pulls me in even more.
    BTS, and not just the on-camera performers, put in so much passion, so much intellect and work, to bring off what they do. It’s inspirational.

  16. I love the idea of pairing up the live with the MV version! But in this case I would be all the more surprised how accurate it could be since this live is from way over two years later and basically served as an intro to “I’m Fine” which is almost as a continuation of “Save Me”. Indeed they even turned the words Save Me upside down which turned the words into I’m Fine when upside down the way they’re written! So it was no where near the full song plus with not the full tempo, impact, emotion and sentiment, indeed stressing the song I’m Fine way more!! If you could see the live performance from 2016 you will see see the difference. But I still really enjoyed it so much as I always do seeing all your unique and so informative and insightful comments. Thank you so much!! 🙏👍😍

  17. ATTENTION: Please read. With BTS there is a reason, an intent to whatever they do! Being that the MV “Save Me” what you saw was from their HYYH era which was basically about youth or adolescents, the choices made as well as exploring feelings, emotions, angst, anger, sadness, despair, depression, even suicidal tendencies that can also indeed come with exploring and discovering one’s innermost feelings. Then further on in that era, adolescence turning into adulthood once again dealing with innermost feelings and which paths to choose. Save Me came from that era so it’s sung with the same emotion accordingly from that era. The choreography, which so often goes along with the very lyrics in BTS songs, is performed with the same intense emotion as well!! But since the version you saw live of “Save Me” served just as an intro. What you saw was performed two years later during the new Love Yourself era. Which is telling everyone how to survive all the angst, emotion, and despair while growing up by learning to love yourself. Thus the song “I’m Fine” which literally is the reverse of “Save Me” if turned upside down which they did continually during the beginning and introduction to the Love Yourself era. Meaning basically not to try to please others to be excepted and deny your true self wants, needs, hopes, desire, & dreams, having faith in oneself, learning to love oneself faults in all.

    So being that the song serves as the intro during the comeback release of their new songs introducing the Love Yourself era, indeed the emphasis will be on the new song “I’m Fine” which says that by accepting and loving myself, not being alone keeping these pent up emotions to yourself but sharing with friends you will indeed be fine not in need of being saved from yourself looking outward instead of looking inward and excepting oneself! So the song “Save Me” which was initially performed two years earlier now is used as the intro, not even the full song, is indeed played down as well as the choreography accordingly since the emphasis is now on “I’m Fine” their new song saying that indeed by loving yourself you’ll indeed be fine. Sorry for the long lengthy comment but with BTS indeed there is so much intent, content & meaning in whatever they do so just the fact that there is less impact in the choreo and deliverance of Save Me during of the performance two years later in 2018, there is a reason.

    The meaning of these songs meant so much to so many, who until BTS had no voice that spoke up for them or who they could identify or relate to! BTS rang a chord with so many who felt all alone in despair before. BTS gas helped do many giving hope and the will to go on to so many who pretty much gave up, had no more hope, dreams or even the will to go on!! Yes!! BTS has literally saved lives. This is the true impact they’ve had for so many. This is why, since the very beginning with their first song “No More Dream” which already spoke to people not to give up and fight for your dreams, they have such diehard loyal, loving, and dedicated fans in army! The suicide rate for youth in Korea is quite high. Suga, a member of BTS, once said if we don’t speak up for the disenfranchised, the ones suffering alone, in despair, who else will. This is also why BTS joined up with UNICEF to campaign against violence, and bullying against youth as well as partner up jointly along with UNICEF and the U,N. In a campaign to educate youth all over the world, which is why BTS were invited to the U.N. and RM made that amazing speech.

    1. @Dr. Marc Reynolds – Dr. Marc, I feel do honored that you even went so far as to pin the comment! My apologies for bring a bit dramatic writing ‘attention’ even to the extent of using capitals! 😁😅 I just put my heart into writing it and wanted so badly for you to notice and read it! I forgot! I should have remembered & known that you are special, so much more then many reactors, and do indeed take the time to read every comment! I indeed respect & love so much everything you say! You can always see the genuine heartfelt sincerity, thoughtfulness, time & effort you make in all your comments. Of course, aside from your so impressive, knowledgeable teaching & learning moments you always offer as well! Thank you so much!! 👍🙏😍😊

    2. Dr. Marc Reynolds

      Abbiea123 Thank you for the kind words. Unfortunately I don’t always get to reading every comment. I read as many as I can. So I actually appreciated you drawing my attention to it. No apologies needed.

    3. @Dr. Marc Reynolds – Thank you so much for letting me know! Now you made me feel better in trying so hard to draw your attention to my comment! I do also realize that indeed reading so many comments can be a bit overwhelming, and not always doable! Lol! Thanks again!

    4. @Miss Hani – Thank you so much for saying that, but there are so many intellectual army’s out there! If you weren’t one before being with BTS will make you one for sure!! Lol!! 🙏😍😂❤️💜🐥

  18. Please react to bts live version of 2!3! Purple ocean project by armys and bts at 3rd muster and bts heartbeat ost!

  19. Thank you Dr. Marc for your analysis. I like this kind of analysis. We can see comparation between MV and live performance. Maybe you can find MV and live performance in the same year. But it’s also interesting if you compare two live performances from different year, so we can see how they develop and in what part.

  20. As for your question about which one is more eye-catching, that’s actually pretty hard to choose. The live performances almost always have constantly-moving cameras, which is really affective. As for the the music video, once I realized it was done in one-take, that somehow made it more interesting

  21. The second split screen BTS review I’m watching on your channel. Hi from Singapore and thank you for the unique content and insights that I don’t get from any other reacts. Keep up the excellent reviews. I love them!

  22. Rosannasfriend

    Well, Dr. Marc, I think the opposite when it comes to why their dance moves are smaller in the live performance. To me it makes sense, because they’re singing live. The less movement, the easier it is to sing. In a music video, which is lip-synched, it’s easier to do bigger movements.

  23. Rosannasfriend

    Both are equally successful. And more engaged by the live one, though I don’t know if it’s because of the more vivid colours or because I’ve seen the music video before and I watched a different live video than the one you have. I have to say that during the breakdown in the middle of the song, the dance moves became more intense in the live performance, they were bigger and faster. Kind of the opposite of how things started between them.

  24. This is their famous”one take” music video. There’s a behind the scenes video too for all to watch the making of this masterpiece.

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