PitchPerfector(TM) – Learn to Sing on Pitch in 10 Minutes!

Trains Singers to Sing on Pitch. Indispensable software graphs singing, so that singers can tell where they go off pitch, objectively, and honestly.

41 thoughts on “PitchPerfector(TM) – Learn to Sing on Pitch in 10 Minutes!”

  1. Hi, I’ve got to be Steve’s biggest challenge. Bad voice, terrible pitch
    problems, tone deaf, you name it. After the first two lessons, I can
    actually tell a difference. Amazing! Am I now a good singer? No. Still have
    pitch problems and the lip trills are very tough for me to master. Is there
    a noticeable difference? Yes, absolutely. I can’t believe that I can hear a
    difference in the songs I sing. It is probably more work for me than most,
    but I plan to stick with it.

  2. yes, Tenelli,singers who sing acappela must be aware that singing a third
    in equal temperament is different then singing in pure intervals. for
    instance, singing along with a piano will make the major thirds about
    14cents to large. An accapella major third is a pure third that will
    register 14cents flat on autotune.

  3. IT’S A FAKE VIDEO..No one can learn anything with a 10min blah bla blak of
    stories, but not any lesson at all. JUST MARKETING AND PUBLICITY. What a

  4. Agreed that you probably won’t be able to get it in ten minutes but you
    would have an easier time getting your vocals to the right pitch and then
    when you get there you can actual feel it either in your vocal folds or the
    vibrations you feel will be outstanding.

  5. Hi Dan, There was/is no date listed under Ken’s testimonial, though as you
    correctly surmised Ken was a customer 4 years ago. The date you noted was
    beneath Rebekah a recent customer from Surrey, UK. Hope this clarifies
    things. If you have questions about the program, let me know. Always happy
    to help folks seeking to improve their singing pitch. Stephen

  6. If so many people including professional singers sing off pitch and don’t
    notice and so many people can’t even honestly tell if it’s the exactly the
    right note, why does it matter if your off pitch? If it’s not the exact
    right note, but it sounds fine anyway, isn’t that good enough? What’s to be
    embarrassed about?

  7. If you want something that’s free or a few dollars get those nintendo wii
    sing games, or just get your friends (which may sing themselves) to help
    you or look around for more videos because there are almost uncountable
    videos which give you tips for singing on pitch on here…´╗┐

  8. TheOriginalMrMoose

    What is one (me) to do without owning a smartphone, or instrumen, and no
    xbox, wii, etc. I just have my (un)friendly home computer that is all
    cabled-up (no bluetooth or wi-fi). I am barely a step above old-school
    with technology. My tech life is very basic, as described. Cheers!´╗┐

  9. Hiyaaaa! Well, this seems OK, but have you ever tried – the SonaVoyce
    Complete Singing System program (just GOOGLE it)? I have heard some
    beautiful things about it and my roommate got measurable results in sing
    with so much more expression with it. I am going to give it a try myself. ´╗┐

  10. Michel de Souza da Silva

    I thought this was a serious video, but is just an attempt to sell a
    product wich probably won’t work. Just like those “ab-toner” “ab-shaper” we
    see on TV. Shame….´╗┐

  11. i think i be interested in that i agree its better to sing on pitch then
    to be able to sing high , im a baritone im low on my 3rds and 7ths i
    was told´╗┐

  12. THE PITCH PROTECTOR SOUNDS GOOD i will get one myself when i get payed next
    i highly recommend this product to everyone who wants to sing now i had
    this product years back i used it only 1 time due to my computer broke down
    i did not get a new computer for ages again and forgot about the program
    but it is excellent easy to use program and will get it again now that i
    saw this again´╗┐

  13. I’m partially tone deaf, but not. I just got puberty! Wew! I can’t go high
    or low pitched without cracking slightly and I almost always have sore
    throats or pneumonia.´╗┐

  14. “One man was MORTIFIED”, “one woman was so EMBARASSED she turned RED”…
    Lol, stop. Thjs this is ridiculously way over dramatic. I can’t. ´╗┐

  15. Dissonance is a result of being off from standing wave harmonics. For
    example if you are singing in the key of 100 Hz (which is some note between
    an E and a B), then the notes that sound good with that are 200 Hz, 300 Hz,
    400 Hz, 500 Hz, etc. And you can keep going down octaves from any multiple
    of 100… for example take 700 Hz, divide by 2 and get 350 Hz. So if you
    mix 100 Hz with 350 Hz it sounds good. Obviously, theoretically you can
    argue any frequency thus sounds good… just keep adding on 100 and then
    halving… (100x) / (2z) = y where y is the frequency you want to mix with
    the fundamental harmonic of in this case 100 Hz’ and x and z are natural
    number s. Or, x = (2yz)/100. A bit of math tells you that if y is any
    rational number, then just write it in ratio form… a/b, and then set z =
    100*b and there you go you’ve found which harmonic to haul down from outer
    space to get any arbitrary frequency you want and argue it sounds good
    because it’s an octave of the fundamental harmonic. But of course, as I’ll
    explain below, the like, ten thousandth harmonic brought down in the first
    octave probably sounds abysmal, especially if mixed with other higher
    harmonics brought down too.

    So my point, which requires FURTHER math, which I’ll spare for now but go
    into below, is that the 12 tone chromatic scale cannot mathematically
    satisfy the human ear, and singing a slightly flat C# in the key of A for
    example, SOUNDS BETTER. It’s for this same reason that when you play an
    open E chord on the guitar that the G# note on the g string sounds crap

    Using the 12 tone scale, the major 3rd note is 1.2599210499 times the
    fundamental frequency. For example, if A is 440 Hz, then C# is 1.2599 * 440
    = 554.36 Hz. However, C# is a so called octave of the 5th harmonic of an A
    note, the pure scientific frequency of which is 5*100 / 2 / 2 = 550 Hz.
    Now, compare 554.36 to 550 Hz. They are close, but off by roughly 4 Hz. So
    this is why you actually WANT to be pitchy according to the western 12 tone
    chromatic scale.. because relative to the scientific fundamental
    frequencies, the 12 tone chromatic scale is the pitchy delinquent.

    Does the software take this into account or does it try to get you to hit
    notes from the bastardized 12 tone chromatic scale, regardless of the key
    which the notes are in? 4 Hz is a painful dissonance… that’s 4 cycles a
    second for the beat frequency. I’m sure you have accounted for this…

  16. Or you could get garageband/audacity and check your pitch for free with
    autotune, write out your own exercises and keep recording till its
    right…Like somebody who doesn’t need to spend more money on basic shit.´╗┐

  17. malcolmthebear

    10-minute video called “Learn to Sing on Pitch in 10 Minutes!” makes you
    think that the tactics necessary will be taught directly WITHIN this video.
    Instead, it’s just a 10-minute advert for a product that requires you to
    pay money. Not the free advice suggested by the title of this video. Fuck
    you for misleading people. No matter how good your product may be, I’m not
    going to buy it now out of spite for your lying video title.´╗┐

  18. Is my vocal teacher legit?

    I just started taking vocal classes and my vocal teacher has been telling
    me to practise the notes on piano- C2 to C3 but no matter how hard i try i
    cant go below A2 . This is all he has been telling me to practise in these
    three weeks and this seems impossible no matter how hard i try .´╗┐

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

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