overtone singing- lesson 1: basics by Anna-Maria Hefele

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Video: T. Radlwimmer | ⇊⇊⇊ more info: ⇊⇊⇊

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new ensemble, new video:

for all the curious people out there, that are wondering how overtone singing works, or if it is even real.
Yes, it is! And you can do it yourself!

very good DVD to continue learning, with english subtitles:

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42 thoughts on “overtone singing- lesson 1: basics by Anna-Maria Hefele”

  1. I started doing it, thinking “no way it´s going to happen” and it did!
    thanks a lot! you are the best (and you are ultra-cute too)

  2. Casper Mason Candlewood

    Ahhh! I practiced along with the video, and I could hear myself doing it
    and felt it vibrating in my mouth! That is so wicked :DDDD

  3. I never in my life wanted to sing I play saxophone but ever nice I heard
    this I need to know how to do it

  4. what a beautiful accent… I very much enjoyed listening to every word she
    very gorgeous attractive voice, amazing… not just the singing….

    hey where are you from? ths is one special accent you speak… it sounds

  5. Michelle Lafferty

    You all know the Mongolian throat singing and Tibetan monk chant has had
    this for centuries. Cool but appreciate where she got this from.

  6. One way I found is to use a tuner and tune to the note then try to here
    overtones. this REALLY boosted my practice!

  7. Dillon Hartwig

    I’m either good at this or I’m doing it horribly wrong…
    I somehow can independently amplify two overtones without moving the
    Is this normal?

  8. Maria Costantino

    Could you please explain what the fundamental note is? How do you know what
    pitch to sing? Is the note normally sung or do you do something different?

  9. Joseph A. Muniz (JAMunizCA)

    Awesome! Thank you for creating these how to videos. I’m so amused that I’m
    sitting here in my room able to now hear a small but developing ability to
    do what you do so masterfully. Again, thank you for showing how I can too
    enjoy polyphonic singing.

  10. Alexander Sandoval

    Well you might trawl through YouTube and various web sites however there are an abundance of professional courses out there you’ll be able to obtain that offer you an incredible wealth of skills that you should use from your own dwelling.

  11. You are simply required to enroll your kid to one of many on-line schooling and then your kid can study just by a click.

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