(NEW) How To Sing WHISTLE NOTES like Mariah Carey! | AmaZane Channel

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More Tips on singing in the Whistle Register 🙂

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I am not a vocal coach, and I never had vocal lessons.
However, to my knowledge I will give you the best tips and explanations. All you have to do is ask in the comments and I will be sure to reply.
It is your decision to follow my tips, or play it safe. 🙂

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*These whistles can never compare to the true Queen of whistles. Mariah Carey*


25 thoughts on “(NEW) How To Sing WHISTLE NOTES like Mariah Carey! | AmaZane Channel”

  1. Francesca Aservi

    hey i love this video ! you sing good ! i also sing , hope you can check
    any of my covers and tell me what you think <3

  2. Wow!! Your whistles are so crystal clear! Slay my life!! Gurl we need a
    duet up in here and Grande and Carey won’t have nothing on us 😂

  3. GeneralRelativity

    with a whistle register that stretches up to an A6 but from some weeks now
    I couldn’t whistle I didn’t know why. I started thinking that maybe my
    voice was getting lower and I completely lost my whistle register. When you
    said that I need to stop being nervous about someone listening to it I
    swear to god my confidence level went from 0 to 10000 and my whistle is
    back!!!!!!! Thank you so much my enemy was myself I was being too paranoid
    and worried on not letting people hear it. I put loads of things in my way
    instead of just doing it thank you so much!!!!!! By the way although I can
    whistle I have some control issues where my voice cracks or sometime my
    whistle doesn’t come. For example when I am going to hit Mariah Carey’s G6
    or even an F6 in emotions I always end up messing it up and my whistle not
    coming. Do you have any control tips???

  4. This video is so helpful. I just started this and I noticed that sometimes
    I can get it but other times it won’t come out. If I do these exercises
    everyday will it help me fully get it? Also does this damage the vocal

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