my very first singing lesson

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hi again my name is jessi~
u might recognize me from “Disney world thought I was Ariana Grande” video but I love making content on youtube that pertains to whatever the heck I feel like all while spreading positivity & kindness // stay happy, stay positive, stay kind♡ pls thumbs up this video if u enjoyed this !!

in today’s vid I tell y’all about my very first singing lesson~
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41 thoughts on “my very first singing lesson”

  1. Honestly Jessi, I think you should go for commercials, theater, (like Broadway), acting & etc. I especially think you’d do well in a theater role that required acting & singing simultaneously. ♡ If you see this, you should start doing more monologues!!

    I get excited every time you upload! Peace~

  2. I love Jessica more time after time 💗
    Ps : she is beautiful in this video wtf she look like gabi ! 🙏😂

  3. Singing is a beautiful thing to do 🖤 I agree with you Jess you have to Practice for the things you want and love 🖤 btw love you 🖤🖤💖

  4. The Ermite Slytherin

    I love to see peps in the comment section is more nice to her recently love you Jess. ❤️

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