Mix Voice Singing Lesson – *Awesome Exercise, Demonstrations and Mp3 Practice Track*

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Hi everyone. In this weeks singing lesson I am going to share with you a very effective exercise that will help develop and sustain your mixed voice.

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30 thoughts on “Mix Voice Singing Lesson – *Awesome Exercise, Demonstrations and Mp3 Practice Track*”

  1. Brett Phillips

    Your videos are by far the most helpful voice lessons on the internet. This
    video especially has cleared up a lot of my confusion with placement.

  2. I love ur voice but how long do i have to exercise each lesson ??! Had i
    practice daily like for a week or what ?! An plz i have a not strong voice
    when i sing in note my voice always go down what schould i do ?! Thx

  3. Couldn’t quite see the notes you’re playing on the piano. Octave in the
    left hand with a middle note in there. Right hand was…..

  4. Hey,First of all would like to say thank you for the awesome channel,,I
    have seen many and yours is top of my list by far,,Will only be watching
    yours now lol,,So here is the thing lol i started singing lessons 3 weeks
    ago with my vocal coach she is brilliant and love her voice but she has
    been singing longer than i have been alive lol,I am learning to sing so i
    can sing at my wedding in October and not make a show of myself lol,,My
    vocal coach is quite impressed with my vocal range which is c6 i don’t know
    if that means out to you it doesn’t me lol,,My problem i have is i don’t
    mind my chest voice but i hate my head voice,,is there anyway at all to
    change my head voice tone or do anything with it? second my breathing i
    really need to get the hang of it as i run out of breathe before i have
    finished singing my note,,I am a complete beginner starting from scratch at
    33 years old and would really appreciate any tips or exercises you can give
    me to learn at home so i can impress my vocal coach too,,She is going to be
    teaching me vibrato also as she has head me sing that naturally but i dont
    know what it is lol thank you for reading this i really hope you reply
    thank you.

  5. Anna Ruśniarczyk

    Hi, I’m really glad you’re back 🙂 I have a question, in my mix voice I can
    hit D5, in head voice I can go pretty high B5, sometimes C6, I dream of
    hitting F5 in my mix voice one day. What kind of exercises would you
    recommend me to achieve this ? 

  6. hello.lecturer, how can i know, im going up to “nose” resonance, instead of
    pulling the chest. i have been struggling for this for several years. i
    still keep pulling the chest,especially when im singing in the ktv. i
    cannot let go the chest.

  7. AWWW MAN ive been watching your videos lately and from the the older ones
    to the new ones i can definitely hear the improvement in your vibrato
    PLEAAASSSSE can you make a video tutorial of how to control the vibrato if
    possible?? pleaaaseee… and also always love the videos you make man they
    are more than helpful!!!

  8. Michelle Salinas

    Impresive! Now .. (supposing you’re a busy man , not expecting for you to
    explain the notes)Fair well the lesson, but the only thing are the notes on
    the keyboard xD I cant follow you know .. wouldve been great if youd taught
    the notes. :c Evenso, muchas graciasss !! Me gustaa , hahah. 

  9. Kaylasa JaguarStar

    You are one of the best vocal coaches here on youtube, possibly among the
    top 3, and I just love the aussie accent! 

  10. Alejandro Mireles

    Aussie, can you make more videos of Mixed Voice please? I really want to
    get it already, I practice this video everyday but I feel like it isn’t
    enough, I practice 2-3 hours a day vocalizing. I would really appreciate it

  11. That’s so helpful 🙂 Thank you very much.
    When I do this exercise I can feel the resonance in my nose and the mask
    but when the note goes higher my voice is going to the falsetto is that
    wrong ? Will it be better when I practise every day ? Sorry for my englisch

  12. what note exactly are you starting on for girls?? having trouble making it
    out without seeing the full keyboard?

  13. CroNusArm Chandrakasem

    You are my best teacher. All of lesson I’v learn from you it make me
    improve my skill

    sorry if my language are so bad

  14. Ricky Anthony

    Great videos coach! I’m just wondering if you’ve got anything than can help
    with singing above that range of F-f#-G for guys, so that I could use mixed
    voice to have a strong chest voice like tone above that break in the voice?
    Also is that bridge range lower for a baritone?

  15. Rise Up Singing Teaching CDs Over the 3-4 years after Rise Up Singing was published, Annie produced a series of teaching recordings that contain the melody to each song in that songbook.

  16. Some will solely be helpful for inexperienced persons, others may match just for those in intermediate or superior levels, yet others will educate solely pop music, Bel Canto or jazz singing.

  17. No you do not, many chorus singers don’t read music, you will see that that with a little of practice you will be able to learn songs by rote from the materials we provide you with.

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