Men! You Can TOTALLY Sing Up High!

Disclaimer right off the bat: I am NOT a vocal coach. I don’t teach Mateas. I just asked him to help me demonstrate how to sing things in the right octave. This is mostly for my piano students on Skype who have trouble singing high enough to be in tune! Make sure and don’t push your voice too hard when trying to do this. Opt for the falsetto if it hurts you to sing high in your chest or mid range for me. 🙂

With my little buddy Mateas, I show some tactics you can use to get out of your comfortable singing range, and into some higher notes at the top of your range. We discuss singing both in your chest voice and in your head voice. Thanks for the help, Mateas!

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45 thoughts on “Men! You Can TOTALLY Sing Up High!”

  1. Dan and Lilly’s Beard Product Reviews

    He’s got that chocolate rain deep voice lol
    Great job on the singing by the way

  2. I can promise you that its literally impossible for me to ever learn how to sing. This is even further out of range

  3. Used to be able to consistently do sustained falsetto B5s and C6s. Now i can hardly sustain a G#5. In full voice i used to be able to hardly get above F4 now i can sing comfortably until G#4 and when i mix my head and chest voice i can cover up to roughly a C#5 / D5. My low voice isn’t very full but i can easily sing G#2s/G2s.
    So, my voice has actually dropped a bit on the high range, but i’ve gained control.

    1. Aimee Nolte Music

      Both of my sons were 16 before their voices changed. It’s different for everybody. You’ll be fine. 😎

  4. Men don’t have a hard time singing. Just saying. Girls aren’t better singers. At all. And guys aren’t better either. Everyone can be good if they wanted

  5. A good tip for singing is to LOOSEN UP. Don’t be too self-conscious and don’t be afraid to make noises. Just literally do it like nobody’s business. That’s where natural power and resonance come from. This boy needs to loosen up ’cause he seems shy and holding back.

  6. I sing baritone and all the other ranges because I work my voice to those notes daily. that’s why I temporarily lost my head voice: I didn’t practice it at all

  7. And here I am at 17 after having my voice dropped, a tenor who’s able to sing up with the sopranos for fun during practice. Honestly wish I had more bass in my voice, but eh, that’s life!

  8. To be honest, if you want to get your range higher, you just have to keep working on it. I remember where I was at that point where I could barely hit middle C and D4 but now I can go up to an Ab4 and even higher than that in falsetto. If you just keep singing it gets better

  9. Lhynard Aries Inderio

    When I’m 13 my timbre is counter tenor.My range is the same as Mezzo Soprano’s.But now I’m a baritone but can sing like a soprano.

  10. holy shit you are an amazing teacher. I hope you make a fortune teaching and that it makes you so happy. it should!

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

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