Mastering Mix Q&A – How to Sing in MIX Voice – Head and Chest

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Celebrity vocal coach, Brett Manning, answers questions about his new advanced vocal training program, Mastering Mix.

43 thoughts on “Mastering Mix Q&A – How to Sing in MIX Voice – Head and Chest”

  1. Nathalia Lacerda

    @VcookiemonsterV actually, there’s a video that says “if you do weird faces
    in order to hit the note, is problem” what that means is, its good to do
    the “mask” when you are practicing in order to understand from where the
    sound needs to come, but, as time goes, you need to try to stop doing those

  2. @VcookiemonsterV ‘the inner smile’ is an italian opera concept, which has
    to do with lifting the larynx and creating space in the throat. It’s not so
    imperative to the type of singing Brett Manning teaches.

  3. @Lavizzle I think has more to do with a poor choice of terminology more
    then saying a person should have a commercial voice. I think it is more
    about polishing your voice then making it commercial. In order to be a
    vocalist that gets attention people want to hear a smooth transition from
    chest to head and that requires knowing how to utilize your mix well.
    P.S.SingingSuccess – Use the term polished or professional not commercial.
    Many vocal purists don’t want to be commercial.

  4. SecondsFromEternity

    i used to not be able to sing. after singing success, well, see for
    yourself…my covers on youtube are a product of Brett’s exercises

  5. Why are these videos so badly mastered, audiowise? I mean honestly, way too
    much 5 to 9 kHz man, ugly compression, just aweful.

  6. @freddyd74 Thank you for answering, I imagine that you must answer that
    question frequently at a weekly basis. I was wondering, if you wouldnt like
    to upload a video of you singing? It would be really nice! 

  7. @rafael1801maragogi Well, member of the AES, studied at the NFTVA (Dutch
    film academy) and worked and studied at the SAE (School of Audio
    Engineering). Started making radio, music mixing and audio
    recording/production in 1977. So, maybe that’s how?

  8. Rafael Baêta

    Life is what allows you to live as an artist. Commercial is what allows you
    to sell the only truths of your soul for money and applauses. Come on, I
    know you understand what I’m talking about… Art is above that s***.
    That’s only my opinion. 

  9. By the way, Meowbay is talking out of his arse, I also work with audio and
    I can tell you that there is nothing wrong with the audio in the
    SinsingSuccess videos, Meowbay just think’s he (or her?) is impressing
    people by saying that. The eq is as balanced as it needs to be for a
    youtube video, I bet you don’t even know what 5 – 9khz actually sounds
    like, stop trying to sound clever.

  10. i have a question: u said singing with chest voice over the middle c is
    painful, so girls don’t use chest voice when they sing the middle notes?

  11. Don’t even consider ken Tamplin as your vocal coach. He said he would give
    me some feedback if I could send him my recording. I did, and he did give
    me some seemingly “good reviews.” What happened next is that my friend also
    sent him his recording, and he copied and pasted the same feedback (exactly
    the same). He basically said he would greatly improve your singing if he
    used his “open throat technique.” Obviously, he is a crook. He would never
    listen to your recording. All he wants is money. 

  12. brett manning is one that we consider as a great vocal coach. his vocal fry
    style helps our vocalist sing high head tones now.

  13. SecondsFromEternity

    This question is for the instructors at Singing Success. I have had some
    training (including Singing Success a few years ago), but I am having some
    trouble keeping my tone forward as I get into the higher mix. Will
    mastering mix help with that?

  14. Victoria Hunters Mini Lessons from Her Short Story Writing Course

    Very glad you posted this video. til now I thought only mix is the very
    light mix you here out there. Most of my life I have been singing now that
    I watch your video in more compressed, I notice that this seems to be
    easier for me to do. I’m singing in alto, But here is the question I have.
    When I sing more forward in the mouth, instead of swallowing the sound, and
    I sing with little more compression in my mix. on that little aaaah sound
    you saying in your one video with compressing. It sounds great but more
    like the old fashion singers.My voice sounds close to like the girl who
    sing to the old show “those were the days” but not as raspy. Like I an old
    deep south bluesy voice, very old fashion. Could I keep this as my own
    style since I have been singing with that mix for years naturally and
    liking the sound and others do. It feels comfortable and natural to me to
    do and no strain and I like the sound of the mix. I will upload something
    as an example.

  15. Victoria Hunters Mini Lessons from Her Short Story Writing Course

    My voice mix style is similar to hers except not as high as far as the key
    and a voice is huskier than hers, but my mix sounds good. When I say
    similar I’m speaking of drag and style as her. All in the family show song: All
    in the Family / Archie Bunker’s Place Opening Credits

  16. I was taught that mixed voice starts with resonance in the mask, a voice
    that can be a laser beam or breathy momentarily without problem. Find the
    centre eye of the storm and resonate…

  17. So glad I purchased this as I am sure the guidance on the tracks is really going to help me make great improvements with my singing.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...