Manhattan School of Music faculty Mark Oswald’s Voice Lesson

Baritone: John Michael Moore
Classical and jazz music lessons. Private instruction by the world’s finest musicians. Faculty from the Juilliard School, the New York Philharmonic, the Metropolitan Opera, etc. All the solo instruments, ensembles and jam sessions. Also free information on music jobs, music schools and more.

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24 thoughts on “Manhattan School of Music faculty Mark Oswald’s Voice Lesson”

  1. Silver Singing Method

    The point is he is not really addressing it properly. Mentioning the word means nothing. He does nothing to actually help this student develop properly nor does he address what the student actually needs to be focusing on.

  2. i was thinking about attending this school in fact i just received the view book in the mail, but this is not the style of music i would enjoy singing…..*sighs* im going to need to search more schools

  3. Do you sing at the Metropolitan opera? Because both these guys do. Sorry to tell you, but this is the way to sing at the top level. The only one full of b.s. is you.

  4. Oh, that poor singer. What a voice that doesn’t understand that the mouth doesn’t have to be open more than a half an inch. And the “teacher’s” demonstrations were fraught with so much tension his tongue retracted, meaning he closed his throat to accomplish the pitch–not a good thing. Modifications were logical and physics-wise sound, at least in words if not in demonstration. The singer had no facial muscle activity and that would make even Italian ah difficult, let alone sing a French one!

  5. Oswald is one of the top teachers in the world. It is almost unfortunate that these very brief videos are available so that people with insufficient data feel obliged to remark positively or negatively… Working with him has been one of the highlights of my career.

  6. wishingonthemoon1

    I’m a senior who wants to go to Manhattan. I am visiting the college and taking a lesson from him on Monday. This video just made me ten times more nervous. But at least i know i’m in well educated hands 🙂

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