52 thoughts on “[LYRICS] XXXTENTACION TYPE BEAT—sing to you by Shiloh Dynasty”

  1. “dance with me, and ill sing to you, a symphony, wont you kiss me? send me out, please” this reminds me of a boy i like at school and he likes me back <3

    1. @Broken no but people giving this fool credit for such a great beat and all he did was put xxxtentacion type beat on it

  2. Patricia Garcia

    He had a good personality he loved us even tho hes dead we still believe in him in are hearts were happy that theres tec our else no x good person with good additude with love and we are here to keep on living listening to the beat king of singers

  3. Reiko Iorangi

    fight the negative energy my friends, suicide does not numb the pain, it just passes it on to those who care about you, stay alive, you matter, stay happy for x, your fam and loved ones, love you all, have a good day

  4. Drizyyy McDrizyyy

    Why is everybody commenting about X when Shiloh actually disappeared and hasn’t said a word for years. Yet alone on SHILOHS song 😂😂

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