Learn To Sing Pop

Singer and songwriter and singing teacher Jules Rendell takes us through the characteristics of pop singers like Beyonce and Mariah Carey. She’ll show you how to sing like an american idol or X factor winner.

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40 thoughts on “Learn To Sing Pop”

  1. this is good way to learn how to sing better ………..i try it abouts 2
    month is quite useful for me …..after practice the scale , the note i
    sing more stable then before!

  2. @tamyraS please do! you don’t have to put your face on if you don’t want to
    🙂 don’t ignore the possible negative feedback you will get, nor the
    positive feedback. Use the feedback to get better! Just ignore the rude
    comments 😉

  3. Your voice is beautiful, and not only because it’s trained… you have an
    incredibly beautiful sound 🙂 My problem is that even when I open my mound,
    my throat hurts when singing in my chest voice…even when I’m not hitting
    high notes 🙁

  4. uuhm i thought it was sth to help u sing like the ppl that dont have a very
    good voice but they can make a good pop song,i mean my voice is too
    artistic and i want sth to be able to sing less artistic and more pop or
    rock when i want to 🙁

  5. dude i know this was three years ago, but chill. he said FOUND in the US,
    probably because that’s where he’s from and all he’s familiar with are the
    artists from USA. which is understandable.

  6. Hello Jules, do you give Skype lessons? If you do, how can I contact you? I
    use to take lessons many years ago. I studied classical but I would like to
    learn to sing pop. I hope to hear from you. Thanx”)

  7. The Secret Soprano

    I can see a 100 ways this can lead towards vocal damage simply because I
    believe you need someone there to make sure you are doing everything
    correctly… Be very cautious.

  8. dont forget to be realistic – you must put in a bit of work whichever
    system you choose for becoming a singer I have spent months researching
    into how to play singing and found a fantastic website at Bens Singer Blog
    (google it if you’re interested)

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...