44 thoughts on “Learn to Sing Notes on a Music Sheet – Introduction to Sight-Singing – ABRSM aural test”

  1. This helped a lot! I’m taking my sight singing test to get into a higher
    level chorus class tomorrow and I now feel much more confident. I wish the
    test would be this easy.

  2. These are full notes and should be sung four beats for one note.Is this the
    right way of representation.I think it should be 4 quarter notes in one bar

  3. Thank you for this wonderful lessons. Something I don’t understand:
    should I sing with so-fa sound or just sing humming the sound. This
    practice only for C key, how about when change key. Should I memorize
    each key from Do to Te or just one key, so that I can sing without piano.
    Anyone help me please!!!

  4. thanks a lot, this is great stuff. i am used sing the solfege names of the
    notes, so in C major it is ok, but in other keys it is quite confusing. are
    there any tricks to make it less confusing on the other keys?

  5. I have a rookie question about key signatures.
    When the score has a specific key signature, do we still sing like it’s in
    the original key, but replace the notes specified in the key signature with
    # or b?
    It’s the only thing I kinda don’t get.

  6. Marianna Tsemekhman

    Thank you. I would like to see more practice singning notes videos songs.
    Like where the notes are shown to a famous song and you sing along with a
    real voice in the background. If you would like to make this type of video
    for people who want to learn to sing acapella by note then go for it!

  7. I know you are suppose to sing it the way it suppose to sing but you’re not
    counting the whole note and the other notes how it should counting that’s
    why I don’t understand😦😦😥😥😥

  8. prasadini fernando

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    Blog and it seems to be the simplest home study method (check it out on

  9. Great video!!! I can already hear improvement in my sight singing
    abilities. This video is extremely comprehensive and easy to understand.
    Thank you for sharing a great methodology!!!

  10. When singing, your vocal capabilities will fall into a selected vocal range, that are based mostly upon the sex of the singer and the tonal quality they’ve in their voice.

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